4.6.1 Create a PDF Document

During the final stage of a media campaign, when your customer accepts your proposal and ordered your campaign, you can create an order confirmation ready to be sent to your customer. The process of creating a order confirmation is the same as creating a proposal. But beforehand, you have to make a few changes to the media campaign's details.

Change Document Type

Double-click the document type in the media campaign's detail section. Then change the pick-list's values. Now continue like when you create a proposal: Click the Generate Document button to open the pdf. 

When you have opened a media campaign you can create this campaign's proposal with just a few clicks. As a PDF document it is ready to be sent to your customer.


As a first step, click the Generate Document button. You find the button at the top and the bottom of the media campaign detail section.
An offer is addressed to the campaign's primary contact. To assign or change the primary contact, open the Contact Wizard 4.2.7 How to set up Campaign Contacts for Offer and Invoice documents? (Contact Wizard).

The Offer Preview

The layout for this offer is defined by 7.5.1 Configure your Proposal Layout and will follow the Quote / Invoice Preference Hierarchy.

Lightning Design:

  1. Close with attachment - For Lightning users, this will save your file to the Notes & Attachments as well as the Files related list in your Media Campaign. Both are saved as Type File. (Version 2.82)

  2. The pdf offers two options in Classic:

    1. Close with attachment - which will save your file to the Notes & Attachment related list in your Media Campaign as an Attachment. 
      Salesforce Classic:
    2. Send via E-Mail (SF Classic only)will open a new window where you can enter your recipients. This option is only available where your PDF document is of Type Attachment, not File.