4.6.7 Fixed Position Numbers

Prerequisite: Your Administrator has enabled fixed position numbers for CampaignItems Administration Settings

This article will explain the automated numbering: This function includes packages and optimized Items

Example 1 - regular Campaign Items

Initial Numbering

Remember that the initial numbering only starts when you create an offer (PDF Document), not while creating or adding a new position to the media campaign!

The numbering works as follows:

1 Campaign Item

2 Original Campaign Item
2.1 optimized Campaign Item (negation of the original item)
2.2 optimized Campaign Item (new item)

3 Campaign Item

4 Campaign Item

5 Campaign Item

Each campaign item gets a consecutive number (Position Number). Once you optimize an item it gets an addition number behind the period (Position Number Appendix).

Example 2 - Packages

The numbering  in this example works as follows:

6 Package Header
6.a Package component 1
6.b Package component 2

Each campaign item gets a consecutive number the package header included (Position Number) and treated like a regular item. All of its package components get a letter behind the period (Position Number Appendix). 

Example 3 - optimized Packages

1.1 optimized Package Header
1.1a optimized Package component 1
1.1b optimized Package component 2
1.1c optimized Package component 3

If you optimize a package so that ADvendio has to delete and add a new line item the items get an addition number behind the period (within the Position Number Appendix) but before the alphabetic character for the components.