8.4.5 Setup and Configure the Media Search for Lightning

Version 2.115 and up
Supported Adserversn/a

Our new Media Search gives you the ability to customize it according to your needs and the needs of your users.

Activate the new Media Search Lightning

To activate the Media Search Lightning, please open the App Launcher and search for Administration Settings. In the settings, look for the option Use Lightning Media Search and set the checkbox. Now your users will be able to access the Media Search Lightning, just like the classic Media Search.

Customize your Media Search

To make the Media Search available to your users please add the Lightning Action "Media Search" to the page layout of the Media Campaign.

You can define the shown fields/columns for these sections:

  • Filters
  • Content Filter Section
  • Check Availability
  • Result
  • Media Basket

The fields for these sections can be customized via the object Feature Settings. Please search for the Feature Name "Media Search" to see if the records already exist in your Org.

If not, please create new ones according to the table below:

Feature Setting values

Please note that the values for the Feature Settings should not have any blanks in between as otherwise you will not be able to see the full Media Search.

What will be done?Feature Setting NameFeature NameTemplate NameValue (defaults)
Configure which details will be shown below your suggested ad prices in the quick search.QuickSearchFieldsMediaSearch
Configure which fields will be available as filters for your search. FieldsMediaSearchFilter






Configure the content filters to be shown in the filter sectionContentFilterSectionFieldsMediaSearch


Configure to show the From and Until dates to start an Availability check and decide how many Ad Prices should be checked.CheckAvailabilityMediaSearch


Configure which fields will be shown as columns in the result list.FieldsMediaSearchResult




Configure which fields will be shown in the Media Basket on the right.FieldsMediaSearchBasketADvendio__Ad_Spec__r.Name,ADvendio__List_price__c,ADvendio__Billing_Category__c,ADvendio__Pricelist__r.Name

If you would like to add new fields please put the field path comma-separated at the desired position within the value field. You need start the field path from the Ad Price object.

Show and Hide the filter for Packages Only

With version 2.115 we added the possibility to show only packages as results. If you updated ADvendio to 2.115 from a previous version, you will have to modify your Feature Settings for the filter fields, in order to use this.

If you can't see the filter, you will need to modify the Feature Setting for Filter Fields (see table above). The following field needs to be added to the list: ADvendio__ShowPackagesOnly__c

If you don't have any Packages and don't need the filter, just remove it from the list and leave the rest unchanged.


In order for the filter to work please make sure that the Field Show Packages Only at the object Ad Price is added to all relevant profiles and permission sets, so that your users have access rights to this field.