8.6 Feature Overview and their configuration

Unfortunately, not all the ADvendio features come ready to use when you install a new version to your production or sandbox salesforce organization. Here you find a quick reference which features you can configure and where to do so. We highly recommend to read through the detailed wiki documentation for each feature to set this up. Remember, that many of these configurations are "data" which can't transferred when you test in a sandbox and try to deploy this to production. You will have to redo some of these steps manually. Any of the functions you don't find in this list are currently not configurable. 

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AdMananger KanbanAdMananger KanbanAdManager Kanban provides an overview of current Media Campaigns and items, based upon their current status.Record at object "Feature Setting"Feature Name = AdManagerKanban8.7 Configure the AdManager Kanban / Console
AdServer Status
Sync the status of the campaign items of AdServer and ADvendio.Setup → Custom Settings → Adserver Status Mapping Configure "Update Ad-Status in AdServer"
Accounting Record Creation Standard Accounting InterfaceCreation of Accounting Records based on Accounting Rules

Records at object "Feature Setting"

Feature Name = "Finance" Feature Settings for the Accounting Interface
Administration SettingsSetting 

The first tab is to set your own personal user settings, the second the general administration settings relevant for ALL users.

We created a visualforce page for a more comfortable configuration of the multiple settings

Administration Settings

7.2.1 Administration Settings
Advertiser Agency Relation
Create Relations between an Advertiser and an Agency.

For Lightning only:

Field mapping configurable in Salesforce Setup

Setup → Object Manager → Advertiser Agency relation → Buttons
Booking CalendarBooking CalendarHave an calendar overview of your exclusive products and avoid overbooking.Remote Site Settings
Wizard will write records at object "Feature Setting"
Inventory Configuration

7.2.4 Setup Booking Calendar
CancellationCancelation WizzardAllows to create Cancellation for existing Invoices, Invoice items.Records at object "Feature Setting"Tab Cancellation Wizard7.6.3 Customize your Finance Wizards
Commercial OptimizerCommercial OptimizerModify and change your running media campaign line items according to your and your customers' needsRecords at object "Feature Setting"
Tab Setup and Rules
Approval Workflow

8.9 Setup and Configuration of the Optimizer
CommitmentsCommitments Financial agreements between publishers, customers, or/and your customers' agencies

Custom Settings
Schedule Apex Class

7.2.9 Set up Commitments
E-mail Dispatch
Dispatch Invoices etc. to your mailsAdministration Settings, 
Salesforce E-Mail Templates

7.6.4 Setup Billing Run - automate Invoices
Flexible Payment PlansFlexible Payment PlansAllow users to set up an individual payment schedule whereupon invoices are only produced based on that schedule.Administration Settings
7.6.6 Set up Flexible Payment Plans (FPP)
ForecastSales Goals and Campaign Item Revenue SplitPlan forecast revenue per sales representative and be able to split the attained revenue (to calculate commissions) on media campaign level for involved sales team members.Records at object "Feature Setting"
7.2.5 Setup Sales Goals and Revenue Splits (Forecasts)
Generic CloneGeneric CloneClone objects based on criteria you set.Records at object "Feature Setting"Feature Name = GenericClone OR Feature Name =  GenericCloneDetailConfiguration8.2 Create a Generic Clone Button for any Object
Inventory and Rates ManagerInventory and Rates ManagerThis tool lets you mass create inventory records and link them.In tool configuration
7.2.7 Setup Inventory and Rates Manager
Invoice Generation
Create Pre-Invoices, Invoices and Cancellations.Records at object "Feature Setting"
7.6.7 Schedule "Update Delivery Data" Apex job for PreInvoices
Media Configuration
Customize Campaign Items to your Media Campaign.Administration Setting
Tab Setup and Tab Rules

7.2.2 Setup Media Configuration
Net CalculatorNet CalculatorYou can use this calculator to optimize your campaigns.Field Set at object Campaign Item
7.2.17 Configure the Net Calculator
Package ManagerPackage ManagerThis wizard helps to create pre-defined Packages.Record at object "Feature Setting"
7.2.14 Configure the Package Manager
PDF DocumentsPDF Documents

Records at object "Quote Preference" and "Invoice Preference", Administration Settings

7.5 PDF Layout Configuration
Publisher PayoutPublisher PayoutCreation of Media Campaigns to allow the Payout of your Publishers.Records at object "Feature Setting"
8.6 Setup Publisher Payout
Sort Campaign ItemsSort Campaign Items
User Settings
Administration Settings

7.2.8 Setup Sort Campaign Items
Synchronize SObject to SObjectSales Cloud Connector

Sync KPI's from Salesforce Opportunities to Media Campaign

Install Extension
Field Level Security

8.10.1 Setup Sync Media Campaigns to Sales Cloud Opportunities
Third Party Commission WizardThird Party Commission Wizard

Easy payout for intermediary.

Records at object "Feature Setting"
Feature Name = Third Party Commission Wizard
7.6.5 Configure the Third Party Commission Wizard

Steer the VAT Calculation in ADvendio.

Setup → Custom Settings → "VAT" Configure the VAT / GST Calculation