8.7 Install Third Party / Intermediary Commission Revision

Works with version 2.104 and up (needs to be installed)

Your administrator need to install an extension in order to use this feature:  

Package Name: ADvendio Third Party / Intermediary Commissioning Revision
Version Name Third Party / Intermediary Commissioning Revision 1.1
Installation Link Production 
Installation Link Sandbox


Decide whether you like to install for administators only or another user group. In this example we installed for ALL users. Read more here: Profiles - Access and Object Permissions


Add the button Change TPC to your Third Party Commission layout.

Create Credit Note Ad Price and Feature Settings:

Similar to Publisher Payout, in order to generate Credit Notes for this feature, please create an own separate Ad Spec with an Ad Price. This also supports reporting of the amounts which have been paid out to the intermediaries.

The following Feature Settings are used to configure the Third Party / Intermediary Commission Revision. If they do not exist yet, please create them according to the examples given below:

CPU limits

Please also ensure that the Feature Setting for the Batch Size is adjusted like shown below to avoid CPU errors. To find out more about configuring the batch size, please see here: 8.11.1 Configure the APEX Batch Size.

Feature Setting Name
Feature Name
Template Name
Value (Example)
TPC MC FieldsThird Party Commission Wizard
[{"value":"total account (one Invoice)","name":"ADvendio__PaymentInterval__c"},{"value":"after Billingperiod","name":"ADvendio__PaymentStart__c"},{"value":"due to beginning of interval","name":"ADvendio__PaymentDueDate__c"},{"value":true,"name":"ADvendio__VATExempt__c"}]

Define prefilled values for the Credit Note Media Campaign generated by the Change TPC process.

This Feature setting will also be used by the standard TPC Wizard from ADvendio Package.

TPC CI FieldsThird Party Commission Wizard
[{"value":"Record ID of your TPC Ad Price","name":"ADvendio__Ad_Price__c"},{"value":"Fixed Price","name":"ADvendio__Billing_category__c"},{"value":1,"name":"ADvendio__Quantity__c"},{"value":true,"name":"ADvendio__VATExempt__c"}]

Define prefilled values for the Credit Note Campaign Items generated by the Change TPC process.

Please create a separate Ad Price for the usage similar to Publisher Payout

Attention: The following configuration needs to be used, in order for our invoicing module to properly generate Credit Notes:

Billing Category = Fixed Price

Quantity = 1

{"CommitmentsCounting":50,"PublisherPayout":{"PublisherPayoutCollect":10,"PublisherPayoutCreditNote":1},"BillingRun":5,"AccountingRecord":{"ForInvoice":50,"ForInvoiceItem":5},"TPC":{"CiBatch":1,"McBatch":10,"InvoiceItemBatch":1 }}Define the batch size for the TPC process to avoid CPU limits (enhance the bold information into your existing Feature Setting or create a new one). For further information about this feature setting please take a look at 8.11.1 Configure the APEX Batch Size.

For TPC MC Fields and TPC CI Fields you can add as many additional fields as you like and also use your own custom fields. Simply follow this pattern: 

{"value":Your Value,"name":"API Name of Field"},{"value"...}]

For the Value, text values need to be in "", while number values will be written without.

Common Errors and how to handle them

ProcessError MessageCauseHow to fix:

Boolean to StringFeature Setting not configured correctly

Required Field Missing: Valid From / Valid UntilYour Commitment has no Valid From / Valid Until set