6.11 Change Media Campaign Debtor

This requires the ADvendio Lightning Flows Extension. Ask your admin to 7.6.12 Install the Change Debtor Lightning Flow.

You can find a video explaining the feature in this blog article: ADvendio’s Lightning Flow Debtor Change Instantly Updates Campaign Invoicing.

When you create a Media Campaign you usually select a debtor. However, occasionally you might want to change the debtor after the Media Campaign has begun, or even after already invoicing the original debtor. When changing the debtor for a Media Campaign, it is important to remember to cancel, change or reissue the relevant invoices.

To simplify this process, and to ensure that all necessary steps have been taken, we prepared a lightning flow which will enable you to change the debtor of a Media Campaign without needing to manually maintain the invoicing aspect.

To change the debtor for a Media Campaign got to the Media Campaign and click on the action “Change Debtor“.

A pup-up will open for you to select the new debtor for this Media Campaign. Choose the new debtor and press next.


  • The debtor of the Media Campaign will change to the new debtor
  • Any pre-existing invoices for the old debtor will be cancelled
  • New pre-invoices will be generated for the new debtor