3.5.8 Create and Manage Targeting Sets

Supported Connections

Google Ad Manager, Xandr, Freewheel, Adswizz

Required Fields and Objects

Before starting to use Targeting Set, you might need to configure a few things in the setup.

Please make sure that your users have access/edit permission to the following objects and all fields:

  • Targeting Sets

  • Targeting Groups

  • Selected Targeting Sets

  • Targeting Set Account Assignment

  • Targeting Set Ad Spec Assignment

  • Targeting Set Ad Type Assignment

Make also sure to provide at least access to the Targeting Sets Tab.

Depending on what you are willing to use, you might need to modify the page layouts from the following objects, to show Targeting Set Related Lists:

  • Campaign Item

  • Ad Type

  • Ad Spec

  • Account (only Advertisers)

Configure Tab Setup and Media Configuration

To select Targeting Sets in your Media Configuration, you will have to add the selected targeting sets column. You can find it in the field list: Targetings → Selected Targeting Sets

Create and Edit Targeting Sets

To add Sub Targeting to your Targeting sets in your Campaign Builder, please check the page https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/3367206958/

To create and manage Targeting Sets, we provide a wizard, that lets you select all the necessary criteria for a Targeting Set. Open App Launcher and search for Targeting Sets. You will open a new Tab showing all Targeting Sets existing in your Org:

  1. Click the New button, to create a completely new Targeting Set

  2. You can click on the arrow symbol on the right side to edit an existing Targeting Set

  3. Or you can click on the name of a Targeting Set to open the detail view and to make changes with the Edit button

Once you open the Targeting Sets, you reach a page with some general configurations:


  1. Enter a Name for your Targeting Set.

  2. Please choose, for which of your Connection the Targeting Set is used, you are required to select a Connection to continue. You can change the Connection for an existing set, but all selected criteria will be emptied.

  3. Select the tabs on the left side, to switch between the different Targeting Criteria.

  4. Select Valid From/ Valid Until. The Valid from and Valid until fields are taken into account during selection in the Campaign Builder and Media Configuration. The logic evaluates the date of today and cleans the list of Targeting Sets that can't be selected based on their validity. Only valid sets are shown in the UI.

  5. Enter Description if needed.

  6. Enter your Search Name. It defines an alternative way of selecting the Targeting Set in Campaign Builder and you can search the name by the targeting set name or search name.

  7. When you are done, click the Save Preset and go back button and you will go back to an overview of the Targeting Sets.

When you open a tab on the left side, you can directly modify the Targeting Criteria. Once you are done simply switch to the next tab. No need to save in between, all changes will be applied automatically, but will only be saved to the Targeting Set when you click the save button.


Assign Targeting Sets to Ad Specs, Ad Types and Accounts

Please take note that this feature works with real inheritance. For those who do not understand this term please talk to your Technical Account Manager.

Besides Campaign Items, you can also assign Targeting Sets either to Ad Specs, Ad Types or Accounts. This way you can connect certain criteria to Inventory or Accounts. 

Currently, you need to assign the Targeting Sets manually, by going to the related lists and looking for the Targeting Set XYZ Assignment list. If you can find the list, your administrator might need to add it to the page layouts first.

Click the new button and search for a Targeting Set you would like to connect with your Ad Type, Ad Spec or Account.

Assigned Targeting Sets will be pushed automatically to the AdServer if:

  • Your Campaign Item is connected to an Ad Spec / Ad Type with a Targeting Set

  • Your Media Campaign is using an Account with a Targeting Set as Advertiser

Attention: Please be aware that these criteria will then always be used and are currently not displayed in the Media Configuration or on the PDF documents.

Manually edit Targeting Sets (Advanced Criteria Editing)


The Targeting Sets Wizard currently offers to modify the following and should for those cases always be used:

  • AdServer ID Targeting (geo, inventory, video, device, connection and industry targeting)

  • Key Value Targeting

  • Audience Segment Targeting

  • Day & Time Targeting

  • Frequency Capping

However you are able to predefine other Campaign Item Fields as well (e.g. text fields, number fields, picklist fields,…). This will be already used in our AdServer Gateway and submitted to the AdServer. You can manually enter the according information into fields of the Targeting Set by using the following steps. Please take note that this is only relevant for fields that can not be defined via the Targeting Sets Wizard.

Attention: We highly recommend to test all manually created Targeting Set thoroughly.

To be able to set the Preconfiguration you first need to go to Setup → Object Manager → Targeting Sets

There select the Buttons, Links and Action tab and edit the override of the "edit" button

The default setting here is "Use the package default override", this needs to be set to Standard Page:

Now when you open a Targeting Set directly, you can click the edit button and modify the fields. AdServer Targeting is used for all general Targeting Criteria (Geo, Inventory, Device Targeting etc.) all other fields are named after the targeting they define.

To manually enter a preconfiguration, the following format needs to be used:












These field values will be transported directly to the AdServer and not set at the Campaign Item, thus only AdServer related fields.

Please take note that this is only relevant for fields that can not be defined via the Targeting Sets Wizard.