7.3.14 AdServer related Emails


2.124 and up

Supported Adservers

all AdServers

When working with our AdServer related features, there will be emails sent, which will update you about the results of different processes. Especially those that are running for a longer time like the transfer of data from the AdServer.

Those emails always have the same structure, so that you can quickly see all the relevant information. They will be always sent to you by info@advendio.com

There are always some fixed sections.

  1. Contains the name and ID of the Salesforce Org in which the process ran. This is especially helpful when you are also testing in parallel in a Sandbox, to identify where the email belongs to.

  2. The user which started the process

  3. The related AdServer Logins (especially relevant, when you are using multiple AdServers, SSPs, DSPs ect.)

  4. A Job ID of the process. This can be helpful for ADvendio support to analyze problems in the process

  5. A table containing the results of your actions, the content depends on which process you started.

These emails are for example used for the following features: