6.6.1 Flexible Payment Plans on Documents

The Flexible Payment Plans will automatically be displayed in your invoice pdf documents.
With the following differences to regular invoices.
  • The total Campaign Item run tim will be used for the invoice dates:
    • InvoiceItem.InvoiceItemStartDate &
    • InvoiceItem.InvoiceItemEndDate. 
  • The Distribution Note stays empty and is not being filled.
  • DeliveryAutoImport is always set to false and
  • InvoiceItem.DistributionUnit is set to "Amount". 
  • For the relevant InvoiceItems the field FlexiblePaymentAmount is automatically set to the amount defined in FPP Amount field (Choose in your Admin Settings: B3, B2, B1, N, N2, N3). 

All other relevant data is copied from Campaign Item:

  • Booked Quantity
  • Original Sales Price
  • Surcharges, Discounts, AE, TPC

If you don't see the right amount field - have your administrator check the administrator settings 7.6.6 Set up Flexible Payment Plans (FPP).