Preconfigured Key Value Targeting on product level (Ad Specs and Ad Types)

Key-Value Field

Version 2. - 2.111
Supported AdserversDFP only 

In order to extend the adserver interface functionality, you can add key values in the objects Ad Spec, Ad Type, and Placement (not supported after 2.112). 

Please use the field: ADvendio_KeyValues__c on those objects. It is named the same on all objects and gets transferred to the ad server. Also, note that these key values are not getting transported into the campaign item key-value fields and therefore are not shown on the pdf-documents. Instead, they are transmitted directly to the ad server.

Syntax before version 2.112

If you manually edit make sure that

  1. Only the Adserver's API names are allowed, do not use display names.
  2. Use spaces only before or after a connective (and, or). If a value contains spaces, you have to use quotation marks.
  3. If you have a key-value string in more than one object (AdSpec, Placement, and AdType) the resulting string will be concatenated with an AND
  4. No new values will be created. If a value does not exist, it will be ignored.
  5. Make sure that you combine expressions with the same key and operator into on line: (location=de,at,ch,fr,nl) instead of (location=de OR location=at OR ...)

We highly recommend that if you are using version 2.112 to automate these values by adding the KeyValue Generator to generate key-values for AdType and AdSpec. Otherwise, use the /wiki/spaces/SO/pages/126422313 if you are not sure how the correct syntax is.

Manual Syntax Examples:

  • gender!=male
  • age=18,19,20,21 and gender=male
  • age!=0 or (gender=female and (cat=sport OR cat2="value with spaces") and location=de,at,ch,fr,nl)

Syntax Changes with version 2.112

Version 2.112 and up
Supported AdserversDFP, Appnexus, Freewheel

With version 2.112 we changed the logic of the predefined keys and values on Ad Spec and Ad Type to the new format based on AdServer IDs: Key-Value / Audience (AdServer) Targeting

This will allow us to provide a more stable and flexible solution for you and also enables this feature for the AdServers Appnexus and Freewheel. If you were using the old format for Google Ad Manager, your existing products will continue to work, but the /wiki/spaces/SO/pages/126422313 won't support the creation of new Key Values in the old format. Please see the chapter below on detailed migration steps.

This results in the following changes for the feature:

1.) Keys & Values will be saved a JSON string

Instead of the old format (e.g. Key = Value) The key values will now be entered in the form of a JSON string into the field:


As this refers to IDs instead of names, the system makes it easier to handle keys and values with special characters in their names.

To create these strings, please use the KeyValue Generator on Ad Spec and Ad Type. Before doing this, you might need to enhance your page layouts, with the new buttons included in ADvendio.

2.) The Key-Value String Generator will only support the new format

The existing Key-Value String generator, which was used to generate a Key-Value string for the old format, will now only support the new format. 

3.) Placement level Key-Value targeting is not supported anymore.

Before 2.112, it was also possible to define a fixed Key-Value string for Placements. For the new format, it will only be possible to do this for Ad Specs and Ad Types.

Migration steps for existing customers

Existing predefined Key Values for Google Ad Manager will continue to work for now, but to switch to the new system, you will have to do the following steps:

  1. Enable the usage of Key-Value / Audience (AdServer) Targeting: All you need to do is display the field AdServer Targeting field into your Media Configuration
  2. Enable the new Key-Value Generator. Make sure that the lightning action for the Key-Value generator is included in your Page Layouts: 
  3. Turn your existing data into the new format: To do so, simply open your Ad Spec or Ad Type with the Key Value Generator. It will automatically be turned into the new format and you can simply click save, to change your products:

We do not recommend to use the two different formats of Keys and Values in combination, as there might be unexpected results.

Additional Note - Key-Value connecting logic for Appnexus

When you are using the fixed Key Values for Appnexus, it's possible to create a targeting set, which can not be edited in the console UI of Appnexus. This will be displayed as following:

This can happen when you are using fixed Key Values at multiple objects (Campaign Item, Ad Spec, and Ad Type at the same time) or when you use multiple groups at the Ad Spec or Ad Type. The configured targeting will still work, but it won't be changeable within Appnexus and can only be modified from ADvendio.