4.4.8 Explanation of Error Messages (Platform161)

Also have a look here 7.8 Error Messages.


I clicked the push to P161 button, but I got to a screen with an error message. What does this mean?


These messages are coming directly from the Platform161 API. Here is a list of the most common error cases and how to solve them.

Error MessageReasonSolution


There is a problem with the login to Platform161. 

Please check the login credentials you entered in the Salesforce Platform161 Custom Settings. Make sure that username and password are correct.

{"errors":[{"source":{"pointer":"/data/attributes/name"},"detail":"has already been taken"}]}

You tried to create something which already exists in P161 with the same name. For example you try to create a new advertiser with a name that is already given within Platform161.

Advertiser names need to be unique 

Check if the advertiser connected to your media campaign already exists in P161.

If that is the case, copy the ID from Platform161 into the P161 ID field. You can find the ID as part of the URL once you open the Advertiser in the Platform161 UI 

E.g.: https://uiv5.platform161.com/#/newui_wgn/app/advertiser/detail/*IDHERE*

If there is nothing entered in the P161 ID field in ADvendio on the Account, we always try to create a new Advertiser in Platform161.