How to create Targeting Sets (Flexible Targeting Templates) that can be edited individually?


Order Manager


2.131 and up


Creating targeting templates in order to save time upon campaign creation but still need to adjust some details for the targeting after application.


You are now able to create flexible Targeting Sets that can be applied to your Campaign Items and be edited afterwards. This allows you to save a lot of time while creating campaigns and setting the targeting for external systems.

Currently this feature is only enabled for Targeting Sets connected to Ad Specs, Ad Types and Accounts.

In order to create a Targeting Template you will first need to create a Targeting Set. For more information about the creation process please have a look at this Wiki page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/874840116

After you have created the Targeting Set containing the Targeting details you would like your template to have you will need to assign them to an Ad Spec, Ad Type or Account.

The Assignment will do the matching to decide when the Targeting Set should be applied in Media Configuration.

When you have decided which assignment(s) could fit your use case best you can click on the new button next to the assignment object name.

After hitting the New button you will see the assignment creation modal. Please take note that you set the connected Ad Spec / Ad Type or Account and then check the checkbox Flexible Targeting Template.

If you can not see the checkbox in the layout please ask your administrator to add it.

When this checkbox is set the Targeting Set will be applied upon starting the Media Configuration when the assignment is matched. You can see the targeting applied to the Campaign Item then and edit it however you like.




Please take care that the page layouts are set up accordingly.
You will need to add the assignment related lists and the flexible targeting template checkbox.