3.6.1 Predefined Packages Overview

To keep your sales reps from repeatedly selecting similar ad specs or if you wish to quote special offers you have the option to generate predefined packages. These packages contain several products at once. 

If you then choose a package in the media search in order to add it to a media campaign, your basket will contain all the ad specs you have assigned to the package earlier. The package’s price is independent of the single components’ prices. The Product Management team has the option to predefine how quantities and prices are distributed among the components. This makes your sales team's work a lot easier.

Ad Spec "Packet" Record

An ad spec of the record type packet includes the related list Packet Components, listing all items contained in the package.

Package Components

Package Components link Package Header Ad Specs (Packet AdSpecs) with the Component AdSpecs and their Ad Price. You can later overwrite this price with a certain list price. To do that please use the package manager. 

How to define Package-ONLY- Ad Prices

You can create 3.1.4 Ad Price which are only allowed to be used within a packet component and be sold as a component. Check the field: AdPrice.ADvendio_PacketComponentOnly_c to make sure that this Ad Price can only be sold in a package.

PDF Package settings

To change how your packages appear on your pdf documents please make sure to set or unset the following fields:


Show Package Components

CI.ADvendio_ShowPacketComponentsOnQuote_cPlease check the field ADvendio_ShowPacketComponentsOnQuote_c in your Campaign Item.

Display the External name

AdSpec.ADvendio_UseExternalNameOnPDF_cCheck the box AdSpec.ADvendio_UseExternalNameOnPDF_c. (See screenshot above)

Always hide individual fields in package components only

-Navigate to the Quote Settings and check "Hide Package Component Details" and fill out the list of fields in "Hide Package Component Fields". More information here: 7.5.1 Configure your Proposal Layout.