Linking Ad Units (FreeWheel)

Linked ad units allow storytelling with multiple ads. The feature can e.g. link a pre-roll to a mid-roll or post-roll. To select a linking in ADvendio please use the Linking Method field on your Ad Spec.

You will get to choose between the three options:

  • Not Linked,
  • All Linked or
  • Link Where Possible.

Please keep in mind that you should at least have two ad units connected to your Ad Spec to use this feature properly.

Not Linked

Not Linked ad units will be served by the AdServer without any restrictions.

All Linked

All Linked ad units must be served together by the AdServer when you book them within the same campaign item (Placement in FreeWheel).

Link Where Possible

Link Where Possible is a hybrid between the two previous mentioned options. All ad units that match those booked in the placement will be treated as All Linked.