Blocking ads in a newspaper grid

Version 1.205 and up

ADvendio allows you to block ads using an odd numbers of coumns in a newspaper. If you like to sell your ads contained within those columns you need to make sure that you are only setting up your products per page. Other than that you set up your blocking exactly as explained in 4.9.2 Blocking Examples. A blocking object always has two relationships (the record that blocks and the record that is blocked) and a factor field to determine how much is blocked.

Create a separate ad type/ ad spec (product) for each column width ad type (Ad with 1 column, Ad with 2 columns and so on). For the blocking you need to always configure a two-way blocking:

  • SiteA →  blocks SiteB &
  • SiteB →  blocks SiteA,

but they differ in the blocking factor. To calculate the correct factor for each blocking, you can divide the number of columns of the master product by the number of columns in the blocked product.

Example with 5 columns

To configure a 5 column product the following blocking will be needed. You can either block the ad type or use the ad spec blocking for this. This example includes selfblocking on the adtype for example, if you are using different ad prices. 

Blocked →

Master v 

1 Column
2 Columns
3 Columns
4  Columns
5  Columns
1 Column10,50,33333330,250,2
2 Columns210,66666660,50,4
3 Columns31,510,750,6
4  Columns421,333333310,8
5  Columns52,51,66666661,251

Also each Ad price needs a specific Max Applicability based on the number of columns. The Max applicability will always be based upon the max. number of columns you're using. You divide the number of max columns by the number of columns your ad price represents. For 5 columns it will be:

Max Applicability
1 Column5
2 Columns2,5
3 Columns1,6666666
4  Columns1,25
5  Columns1


Example with 7 Columns