KeyValue Preset Wizard (Version 2.105 and up)

Version Version 2.105 and up
Supported AdserversGoogle AdManager, Appnexus, Freewheel, Smart
Salesforce UILightning

Have you ever struggled to put the same combination of key values on many of your line items? To save you from doing this repetitive task you can use this feature. Create your own presets and re-use them in the media configuration.

Here is how to:

Create and Modify Presets

Open the KeyValue PreSet Wizard by searching for KeyValue in the App Launcher (also listed on the Overview Page).

This will open a page 

Fill in the following fields: 

  1. KeyValue Preset Name: Give it a good readable name, so that your customers can understand what you are targeting. This shows up on your PDF if you choose to list key-values. Please do NOT use Brackets or other special characters in your naming.
  2. ADServer Login: Select your adserver login 
  3. Valid from - Until: Enter the validity period
  4. Active: Check to activate

Add your key-value or audience segments (GAM only). This logic can contain several "groups" which are linked with a logical OR. All selections within a group are linked using AND:

  • To start to click on (8) Add Group to create a new group and then
  • Click on the (1) Edit button. This opens the tree view on the right where you can decide
  • whether to select (2) Keys or (3) Audience Segments (DFP only) by clicking on the tab.
  • Navigate through the tree and select the Key (4) and then the value (5) you like to add. (Select as many Key-Values or Audience Segment pairs as you need in that group. Remember those are combined with a logical AND (7))
  • Alternatively, you can (6) search and get a dropdown list to select from.

Start again to add another group by clicking on (8) Add Group again if needed. Groups are logically linked with OR. Delete a group by clicking on the delete (9) button