Legacy Key Value / PreSet Targeting

In order to display online advertising most efficiently you can target your most profitable customer groups. Using key value targeting gives you the option to enter criteria such as gender or age. These settings will be submitted to your ad server.

1. Manage Key Values

Version 2.85 and up
Supported AdserversDFP 

Open your line item in the media configurator and navigate to the Tab: Key Values. To add new key values or edit existing ones, click the Edit button.

This will open an overlay window that if no key values have been previously selected look like this: 

Here you have the option to select either

  • an individual key and its value or additionally
  • a predefined preset (Version 2.85 up)

Enter Key Values

To define key value targeting, you have to specify three fields.

  1. Select the key for your targeting criterion. Use the look-up option to make sure the value is in accordance with your ad server. For DFP you can select the key "AudienceSegment" and pick you segments as a value.
  2. Pick the operator.
  3. Select the preferred values from the drop-down menu displayed when you click the field. You can add multiple here. Then save or add more targeting criteria by either
    1. Click the Add Key Value (AND) button to set an additional criterion for this key line.
    2. Click the red cross button to delete a criterion.
    3. To target a different group, use the Add Key Value (OR) button,
    4. Click the Add Preset (OR) button to add a preset of key values.
  4. To confirm your targeting, click the Save button.

2. Enter Presets

Version 2.85 - 2.104
Supported AdserversDFP 

Click on "Add Preset (OR)"

Enter the name of the preset and click on Save. 

This page will show you keyvalues and presets. Click on save to return to the Media Configuration.