3.5.11 Create Ad Price Connection ID Assignments -> Black/Whitelisting of Targeting Criteria and Key Values for Products

If you want to limit the number of targeting options available for your users you can use Ad Price Connection ID Assignments.

This will help you with the following use cases:

  • Limit the Geo Targeting for some products to only relevant Countries / Cities / Regions for your market
  • Offer only certain Keys or Audience Segments for your products
  • Hide technical targeting criteria from your Media Configuration, so that they won't be offered for selection

To manage your Connection ID Ad Price Assignments, you will need to create these records either manually or do an import via dataloader.

For manual creation of the assignments: navigate to the related tab of your Ad Price and click "New" on Ad Price Connection ID Assignments.

Search for the Connection ID you want to connect to your Ad Price and save the assignment.

Be aware that if you assign an Connection ID of a certain Category/Type that all other targeting criteria of that Category/Type won't be available for this AdPrice anymore unless you assign them. Other Connection ID Categories/Types won't be affected.

For Example: When you assign the Key "Age" you won't see the Key "Gender" anymore. But Geography and Inventory Targeting will be unaffected. 

Once the assignment exists, and you create a Campaign Item for your Ad Price, the number of available targeting criteria will be limited for this category. Same is for Keys or Audience Segments.

Please be aware, if you want to use this feature for Audience Segments, be sure to connect the Audience Segment Parent as well as the Audience Segment Values you want to use to your Ad Price. For Keys it is sufficient to assign the desired Key and all according Values will then be offered.