6.7.2 Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard



2.110 and up

Supported Adservers



The Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard supports you in

  1. collecting relevant Invoice Items for your Publisher Payout and

  2. creating the respective Credit Notes. 

You can filter for Publisher Payout Contracts and start the processes for multiple contracts at once. If many contracts are available for selection, you may need to scroll to see all of the options. Simply begin to scroll and all options will load automatically. 

Open the App Launcher and search for Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard. This will open a page where you can enter several filter criteria to search for Publisher Payout Contracts.

  • Select the contracts you want to run the Publisher Payout Collect for.

    • Only active contracts are shown in the Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard

  • Optionally enable the Toggle Button to generate Credit Notes immediately after the Publisher Payout Collect process.

Hit the button "Publisher Payout Collect" to start the processes. A toggle message will be displayed to show if the processes were started successfully. You will be informed via email when the processes are done.

Administrators only - Change settings here: Setup the Publisher Payout Contracts Wizard