8.4.6 Setup Price Rules/Dynamic Pricing (Feature Setting)


2.119 and up

Support AdServers


Custom Fields as Matching Criteria: Matching Criterion


For additional flexibility within the Price Rules/Dynamic Pricing you can configure your own custom fields as matching criteria for your price rules. Any number of custom fields or fields from the ADvendio Package can be configured as additional matching criteria.

Open or create a record with the feature setting name: Matching Criterion and Feature Name: Dynamic Pricing 

If not exist yet, please create it yourself and fill in the following field values:

  • Feature Setting Name: Matching Criterion

  • Feature Name: Dynamic Pricing

  • Value: Is for you to configure. Please use the following syntax and don't forget the squared brackets to close in the whole string, and curly brackets for each value, separate everything with a comma.

    1 [{"operator":"==","field":"API Name of Field from Campaign Item (or related object)","conditionField":"API Name of the Field from Price Rule"}]

Above, in the screenshot, you can see an example of custom matching criteria for the billing category field located on the Ad Price level.
Another example is the combination of multiple fields, such as matching criteria for a custom Start and End Date:

1 [{"operator":"<=","field":"ADvendio__until_Date__c","conditionField":"Custom_End_Date__c"},{"operator":">=","field":"ADvendio__from_Date__c","conditionField":"Custom_Start_Date__c"}]
  • Please make sure that you use no whitespace or line break in the setting

  • You can use any field from an object related to Campaign Item, to do the objects need to be connected via Lookup / Master-Detail Field and you need to enter the entire field path.

  • Any of the following operators can be used: ==, !=, <, >, <=, >= Attention: not all operators can be used for all field combinations, example < will not work when comparing Picklist Fields or Checkboxes

  • To reduce errors, make sure the fields you compare are of the same type, and picklists have the same picklist values