6.6 Flexible Payment Plan (FPP)


 With FPPs you are very flexible to schedule your invoice at the start or end of runtime, based on publication dates or any other date in the same fiscal period. Usually, you would either pay monthly or in one batch, but using a FPP you can set this up for each media campaign and relate them to the following dates:

  • Media Campaign Start and End Dates, Close Date, Booked Date + timeframe
  • Start, End of an individual campaign item
  • Selected Publication dates (if many, then for each of them )
  • Any other date within the same fiscal period.

The system validates that all invoice dates stay within the same fiscal year as the media campaign to avoid to set aside reserves! Also make sure that your administrator has activated the FPP!

Additionally, you can split the invoice amount in

  • percentage or 
  • distribute absolute values.

These values get then used to create pre-invoices and invoices.

This in an optional feature. A new admin setting allows your admin to enable that feature read more here 7.6.6 Set up Flexible Payment Plans (FPP)

It is recommended to treat this as a "one-way" feature - once activated it should not be deactivated later. A combination of automatically and manually created FPPs can lead to inconsistent data which is then used for invoicing. If it is needed to deactivate, ensure that all automatically created FPPs are removed from the system when not yet invoiced. 

Create a Flexible Payment Plan (manually)


  1. Use the App Launcher and search for the Object Flexible Payment Plan
  2. Open your campaign item and click in the related list Flexible Payment Plan on the new button

Fill out the required fields:

  • Select the relevant Campaign Item (if not created out of an item)
  • Make sure to only use either
    • the Amount OR
    • the Percentage field in all FPP for this campaign item.
  • Give the plan a name in field Payment Plan 
  • Optionally add a description for yourself and co-workers.

Make sure to obey the following rules:


Validation Rules

  • Each campaign item, can only have one flexible payment plan for any given date
  • A flexible payment plan can't be changed or deleted if it is used/referenced for/by an invoice
  • Either field Amount or PercentageAmount of a flexible payment plan has to be defined, but not both.
  • The InvoiceDate of a flexible payment plan must be in the same fiscal year of the media campaign if feature "Prevent Fiscal Year Overlapping" in settings is activated.
  • For each campaign item
    • the total amount of all its flexible payment plans must equal to the given amount of the campaign item OR
    • the sum of field PercentageAmount of all its flexible payment plans must not bigger than 100%
  • For package products
    • if one component product has a flexible payment plan defined, all other component products must have flexible payment plan too
  • Flexible Payment Plan records can only be created, updated or deleted if all related billed Invoice Items are cancelled. 

Status Flag

If those rules are not followed or no FPP data has been entered the red status flag will be shown:

The little status field will reflect if all these rules are obeyed and show a green flag.

FPP Wizard vs FPP Automation

We recommend you to use the Wizard for the mass creation or deletion of flexible payment plans.  Another alternative is to automate the creation.

Learn more about those two options: 6.6.2 Flexible Payment Plan Wizard (FPP) and 6.6.3 Automate the Creation of Flexible Payment Plans (FPP).

Only use either the wizard - or automate the creation of FPPs!