5.1.6 ADvendio Standard Reports and Folders

The Advendio Package will provide you with a handful of useful standard reports and a basic folder structure which you can utilize and customize to your needs. Here an overview. (Version 2.100)

Report NameDescriptionFolder
Account Turnover Netto This YearShows your Accounts shares on neeto turnover in a pie chartADvendio Standard Reports
Accounts ReceivableShows per Account (Debtor) all open and paid Invoices and the open balance per Account.ADvendio Finance Reports
Accounts PayableShows per Account (Creditor) all open and paid credit notes and the open balance per Account.ADvendio Finance Reports
Ad fill Report per Publication DateLists all Media Campaigns with it's Campaign Items and Publication Dates to sum up the adfill rate.ADvendio Sales Reports
Ad Prices with inactive ComponentsActive Ad Prices with inactive Ad Spec ComponentsADvendio Inventory Reports
Advertiser Agency Status ReportThis report lists your Media Campaigns and Campaign Items N2 by Stage.ADvendio Sales Reports
Advertising Share per calendar yearThis report calculates your advertising share per ad spec for each calendar year therefore lets you find out which products makes the most money.ADvendio Finance Reports
Billed Invoices Current YearLists all billed Invoices with their Billing Run information for the current year.ADvendio Finance Reports
Billing Status (by Media Campaign)Provides an Overview of the Billing Status of current Media Campaigns by comparing the Item Amount with the already invoiced Amount.ADvendio Finance Reports
Booksize Adfill Rate per PublicationDateThis report lists the Ad fill Rate per Publication Date by fiscal quarter.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Campaign Item Clicks and Impressions (D)This Report lists an overview of your Delivered Als and Delivered Clicks on Campaign Item Level.ADvendio Sales Reports
Campaign Items per Order / YearThis report lists the Number of Campaign Items per Campaign / Fiscal Year (current and previous).ADvendio Inventory Reports
Campaign Revenue Split by Owner MCCampaign Revenue Split by Owner Media CampaignADvendio Sales Reports
Campaign Revenue Split by Owner MC MTDLists the amount of the revenue split for all campaign items this month per sales rep.ADvendio Sales Reports
Campaign Revenue Split by Owner MC YTDFor each media campaign owner the report lists the media campaign, with campaign item and its campaign revenue split, the sales rep, for the current fiscal yearADvendio Sales Reports
Connection of Conditions to Ad-UnitsConnection of Publisher Payout Conditions from different Publishers to Ad-UnitsADvendio Standard Reports
Contract Changes Advertiser/AgencyThis report lists the Optimizing Versions per Advertiser Agency Relation by fiscal year.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Contract Changes CampaignThis report lists the Optimizing Versions per Media Campaign.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Conversion Rate of Proposal CFYThis report lists the media campaign owners according to their conversion probability by fiscal year.ADvendio Sales Reports
Delta Revenue Report per AdvertiserThis report lets you monitor the revenue for each calendar year per advertiser and compares it's change to the previous year.ADvendio Finance Reports
Export for Nielsen/Media FocusA predefined report for Nielsen / Media Focus, which can be directly exported as csv.ADvendio Sales Reports
Export Guaranteed AI per Ad SpecCreate a report to view guaranteed AI per ad specADvendio Standard Reports
Free Copy Shipment ListLists all recipients for Free Copy Shipments.ADvendio AdOps Reports
Free Shipping CopiesLists all Free Copies for one Site with its contact detailsADvendio Sales Reports
Media Campaign OverviewShow an overview of all media campaigns for this fiscal year with campaign items N2 and run time.ADvendio Standard Reports
Media Campaign Pipeline by OwnerFor all Sales reps this report shows the media campaigns by stage and owner with gross amount and n2.ADvendio Standard Reports
Media Campaigns with Campaign ItemsMedia Campaigns with Campaign Items and Ad Spec - Could be used for Nielsen / NOW / MediaFocus reportingsADvendio Standard Reports
Monthly Revenue Comparison Last Y vs YTDCalculates the monthly delta between revenue last year and this year for each sales repADvendio Sales Reports
Overview Active Ad Specs With PricesThis report shows all your active adspecs with their prices billing category and rate card.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Overview Ad TypesThis report lets you monitor your adtypes by record type with many of the important fields.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Overview PlacementsThis report lets you monitor your placements by site with their respective fields.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Overview SitesThis reports lets you monitor your sites and the relevant fields for sites.ADvendio Inventory Reports
Pay Factor per AdvertiserThis report lists the Pay Factor per Advertiser.ADvendio Sales Reports
Pay Factor per Advertiser/AgencyThis report lists the PayFactor per Advertiser/Agency.ADvendio Sales Reports
Pay Factor per AgencyThis report lists the Pay Factor per Agency.ADvendio Sales Reports
Pay Factor per Campaign ItemThis report lists the Pay Factor per Campaign Item.ADvendio Sales Reports
Pay Factor per Media Campaign OwnerThis report lists the Pay Factor per Media Campaign Owner.ADvendio Sales Reports
Pay Factor per SiteThis report lists the Pay Factor per Site.ADvendio Sales Reports
Payment Guaranteed RevenueLists Conditions with their invoiced amounts per month to compare it to the guaranteed revenue.ADvendio Finance Reports
Publisher ReportThis report shows partial amounts and deliveries per publisher.ADvendio Standard Reports
Quickbook Invoice w/ Invoice ItemsThis report lists all Invoices which are invoiced or cancelled with their respective invoice items for last monthADvendio Finance Reports
Rate Card ExportCreate report to view your AdSpecs with AdPricesADvendio Standard Reports
Revenue N2 per month per accountShows the N2 by month and Advertiser for all booked Media Campaigns.ADvendio Standard Reports
Revenue per Advertising MediumThis report lists the N2 Revenue per Advertising Medium (Site) and Adtype by fiscal year.ADvendio Sales Reports
Revenue per Customer/AgencyThis report compares the total net revenue this year and last year by Customer and Agency.ADvendio Sales Reports
Revenue per Publisher Payout ConditionLists Conditions with all matching Invoice Items to see how much revenue has been counted.ADvendio Finance Reports
Revenue Report per SiteWhat is the revenue (Gross, Net, Yield) for our sites with a monthly breakdown.ADvendio Standard Reports
Run SheetRun Sheets - essentially a report of the ads that will run in a given publication on a certain date.ADvendio Standard Reports
Sales Goal vs. Revenue by Employee CFYThis report compares the actual revenue with the employee's forecasted goals for the current fiscal year.ADvendio Sales Reports
Sales Goals with Revenue SplitSales Goals with Revenue SplitADvendio Sales Reports
VAST CompletionThis Report displays the VAST Completion Rates on Campaign Item level.ADvendio Sales Reports
VatIdCheckBatchResultResults of VAT ID CheckADvendio Finance Reports
Visit Report Records CFYThis reports lists the number of visit reports by sales rep/owner for the current fiscal year.ADvendio Sales Reports
Voucher Copy ListShows all recipients for chosen Media Campaign.ADvendio AdOps Reports
Voucher Copy List next MonthAll Voucher Copy Recipients for all Campaign Items that starts in the next monthADvendio AdOps Reports
Voucher Copy Shipping ListLists all Voucher Copies for one Media CampaignADvendio Sales Reports