Import Video and Content Bundles

Version 2.91 and up - Supported for FreeWheel and DFP.

Transfer Content Bundles

To transfer Content Bundles from DFP to your ADvendio.com system, open the ad server login. There you can use the button Transfer from Adserver and import the data with a single click on each link.

To transfer your content bundles select the "Content Bundles" item from the dropdown box and press start. You might get prompted to authenticate yourself. 

Enhanced Video Import (Freewheel)

Version 2.120 and up
Supported AdserversFreewheel

If you wanted to import all video data from Freewheel, you will need to transfer lot's of records. If during this long process an error occured, in the past the whole import aborted and needed to be started again. We improved our process to save data inbetween and start again where the last process ended.

Additionally this gives you also the opportunity to manually control which videos are imported from Freewheel. There is a new field Ad Server Jobs Information, which stores the date at which the last video transferred was updated. If you haven't used the new import yet, the field remains empty.

If you want to manually enter a value please use the following syntax: 


With this example, you will import all videos that have been updated after the 15th of January 2020. This way only most recent videos are transferred to ADvendio.

This enhancement currently only affects the Freewheel Video import, other data like Video Groups, Sites, Ad Units ect. will behave the same as before.