7.5.9 How to customize the PDFs?




A custom PDF should be used for quotes and invoices because the standard ADvendio PDFs don’t match the individual needs.


In order to customize the PDFs for quotes and invoices you will need to create a visualforce page containing the code for your custom PDF.

After you have uploaded the code for the Visualforce Pages in Setup > Visualforce Pages you will need take the Visualforce Page name (not the label) and build the following path:

1 /apex/c__YourVisualforcePageName

The path will need to be copied into the following fields of the Administration settings (https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/127962784 ):

  • Custom Quote PDF (for the quote)

  • Custom Invoice PDF (for the invoice)

After entering the Visualforce page names you will see the quote PDF on the Media Campaign action “Generate Document”.

You will see the invoice PDF on the Invoice action “Show Document”. The custom Visualforce page will also be used in the Billing Run to attach the correct PDF documents to your Invoices.