How to define profile permissions for the Creative Upload actions?

Available with Version:

2.152 and up

Available with Version:

2.152 and up



ADvendio Edition



Defining permissions to access certain actions of the Creative Upload feature.


Salesforce allows you to define standard permissions for each field, object or action existing based on profiles.

To cover the same flexibility also in our Ad Material management component we built a setting which supports you in doing so. Please follow the steps below to allow or restrict access to the Creative Upload actions.

Go to the setting record

Go to the App Launcher and open the Feature Settings object to find the relevant setting.

In the list of all Feature Settings look for the following Feature Setting template record which was created in your org after installing the 2.152 release (or higher).

Field name


Field name


Feature Setting Name


Feature Name


Template Name



Default value:

[{"profile": "Template User", "permissions":[{ "action": "Submit for Approval", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Delete Creative", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Remove Assignment", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Edit Creative", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Select Existing Creative", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Upload Creative", "allowed": true},{ "action": "Submit to External System", "allowed": true}]}]

Adjust the setting record

After opening the setup record it is needed to adjust the Value field of the record.

The logic of the setting is based on a profile name for which you define a set of settings to enable or disable the actions on the Ad Material Management screen.

To adjust the value we recommend you to use an online JSON formatter to simplify the definition, keep the overview and avoid broken settings.

Example for a JSON formatter:

After pasting the default value into the JSON formatter you will quickly understand the structure which is first the definition of the profile based on the name and second the access per action with a “true” or “false”.

Please take note that by default all actions are enabled for every user profile.

You can add as many settings for different profiles as needed.

When you adjusted the value and validated the JSON you can paste it back into the Value field and save.

Now certain actions will be shown as disabled on the users screen and a hint will be added to the bottom of the page “Certain functions have been deactivated for your user. Please contact your System Administrator for more information.”