3.5.2 How to generate OAuth 2.0 Token for Google Ad Manager & Display & Video 360?


All API call to Google need to be authorized through OAuth 2.0. Auth 2.0 is an open standard that allows users to grant permissions to third-party applications so that the application can interact with web services on the user's behalf. It enables your Google API client application to access a user's Google account without having to handle or store the user's username or password.

This is required for our integrations of

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Display&Video 360

So how can this token be generated and stored in ADvendio?


Please navigate to the Google Ad Manager or Display & Video 360 Connection and click the button 'Generate Google OAuth Token'.

Confirm in the next step that the username is the Google User you want to use to access the API and click the submit button to continue.

The following screen shows a link and a field for the authorization code. First click the 'Link to Ad Server'

Please log into your Google Environment to accept managing your Google Ad Manager campaigns:

  1. Please enter your Email.
  2. Please enter your Password.
  3. Please click the button Sign in.

By clicking 'Allow' our ADvendio Connector is allowed to access the environment via an API and perform specific actions, such as management of AdManager Campaigns.

The next screen will show a token:

Please copy this token, switch back to ADvendio and paste it there:

Enter the generated Token and save it:

  1. Paste your Google Ad Manager Token into the field Authorization Code.
  2. Click the button Submit.

The authorization was successful. You can now use your Connection via OAuth 2.0. The token was entered in the field Additional Password.

  1. Please click on the link ASL-XYZ to get back to your Connection.


If you receive the error message "Exception: 0: Credential could not be refreshed.", please create a new token and check the login again.


Please make sure that there is access to the connection object, that the button 'Generate Google OAuth Token' is added to the page layout of your Ad Manager or Display & Video 360 Connection Record Types and that the performing user has sufficient

permissions to access the ADvendio Gateway.

As the token only needs to be generated once, we recommend a System Administrator performs this step, as he should already own all necessary permissions.