Configure the Revenue Forecast VisualForce Page

You can configure the fields on the Visual Force page as follows: Navigate to Overview - Feature Settings:

Open or create a new Feature Setting with the following values:

Record TypeFeature Setting NameFeature NameTemplate NameValue
Sales GoalsTableFieldsRevenueForecastNewOrEditADvendio_ ...
Site GoalsTableFieldsSiteGoalsRevenueForecastNewOrEditADvendio_ ...

The "Feature Setting Name", "Feature Name", and "Template Name" have to be exactly like in the above table and example. The Value can then be filled with the field names of all fields of the object Forecast divided by a SemiKolon ';'. Example: 


If no FeatureSetting is defined the following fields are displayed: 
Default Display Fields
  1. Advertiser 
  2. Agency 
  3. Site 
  4. Media Type
  5. Media Segment
  6. Amount 
  7. StartDate 
  8. Period 
  9. SelectedPublicationDates__c

Forecasting fields

You can currently NOT forecast by any other fields than the above mentioned nine fields! Otherwise, you might receive the following error on the Visual Force Page: 

Attempt to de-reference a null object
An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (ADvendio)

These fields are always "Required":Default Required Fields
  • Amount 
  • StartDate 
  • Period 

These fields are "ReadOnly" because they are calculated by the system and can't be edited by any user:Default ReadOnly Fields
  • EndDate

The Feature Setting configuration for Site Goals works like the one for Sales Goals except that the Feature Setting Name must be "TableFieldsSiteGoals" instead of "TableFields".

Modify Custom Labels

You can also overwrite the custom labels for the page by navigating to Setup - custom labels and looking for the following:

Empty_valueRevenueForecast.page - Error message if Forecast__c.Period__c is empty
PublicationDatesRevenueForecast.page - 6
RevenueForecastSubtitleRevenueForecast.page - 1
RevenueForecastTitleRevenueForecast.page - 2
RevenueForecastRevenueForecast.page - 3
EnterPersonalForecastRevenueForecast.page - 4
EnterPersonalForecastTextRevenueForecast.page - 5
HeaderAddDeleteRevenueForecast.page - 7
SaveRevenueForecast.page - 8
CancelRevenueForecast.page - 9
StatusLoadingRevenueForecast.page - Loading overlay text
StatusSavingRevenueForecast.page - Saving overlay text