6.3.3 Merge Invoice PDFs

You can generate and preview invoices and send them individually, but you also have the possibility to merge all PDFs with ADvendio, too.


The merge PDFs function is only available for invoices with the dispatch type: "print"

Merge Invoices

Click the button Merge PDFs to combine all invoices into one pdf document. Next, you will see a new page with all data that is going to be merged.

Merge Attachments

It is only possible to merge the invoices which are assigned to one billing run. 

  1. View the invoices to be merged.
  2. Click on one or more columns to SORT the merged invoices by this column. The merge will be in the exact order that you see here in the list. 
  3. Click the button Merge Attachments to merge all attachments.

View Merged Invoice Document

You now have the option to send or print this newly merged file instead of the individual invoices.

Click Preview to view merged invoices, Download to save this merged file at the computer or click Del to delete that merged file.

Example: Merged Invoice

View at this merged invoices example.

  1. Navigate to all pages of the invoice with First Page, Previous Page, Enter Page Number, Next Page or Last Page.
  2. Use Fill Width, Fill Page, Zoom Out, Zoom In or Full Screen to view the invoice.