Setup the Net Calculator & Budget

Alternatively to the standard Net Calculator you can add this function to your media configuration. To do this you need to either modify your pricing tab or create a new tab with the needed information. You use the Tab Setup to do this.


  • ADvendio__Quantity__c
  • ADvendio__Amount_net_net__c
  • ADvendio__Rate_Discount_4__c (Optionally other discounts if used!)
  • ADvendio__eCPM__c
  • ADvendio__eCPC__c
  • ADvendio__TargetNet__c (NetCalculator Field)
  • ADvendio__BudgetN2__c (NetCalculator Field)

 Sum up any field you like by checking the checkbox next to the field in the Tab Setup: i.e. ADvendio__BudgetN2__c

2.1 Configure the Media Campaign Budget

This feature does not apply to the Budget N2 field on Campaign Item level which will always take the N2 amount as a basis for the caluclations.

The budget can be entered by the user on the media campaign. The summary line will then compare the amount spent within the media campaign with the set budget to allow better selling:

In order to tell ADvendio which amount net or gross value to choose for the budget value you to have to modify the ADvendio Custom setting: 

Click on Manage and then Edit and set the Campaign Item field API for the Budget Amount Field API Name:

The default value is N2. Also, make sure that you have the selected amount field in your tab setup, otherwise the calculation will not be shown.