4.5.2 How to use the Net Calculator


To automatically re-calculate your campaign's net amounts based on special discounts and modified amounts, use the Net Calculator. Alternatively 4.3.5 Net Calculator within the Media Configuration. With this calculator, it's easy to make changes to campaign items with the following billing categories:

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • CPD
  • CPW
  • CPMo
  • CPY
  • fixed price
  • allin 

Adjust data such as click rates, quantity, special discount, set the target-CPM or budget information and other values will then automatically be adjusted to meet your criteria. The new values are then transferred to the media campaign's calculations.

Open the media campaign you are working on. To use the Net Calculator, click the Net Calculator button. You find the button at the top and the bottom of the media campaign's section on the campaign's details.

1. The CPM Calculator

The CPM calculator lists all the campaign items assigned to the campaign. The list includes all available values, for example, previously set billing category.
Some of the values have been entered during the items' editing process (e.g. billing category), others are set for the whole campaign (e.g. quantity discount).

1.1 Enter Values

All the fields you can influence using the calculator are marked as boxes. Enter values for

  • quantity,
  • special discount (rate discount 4),
  • budget OR target-CPM.

1.2 Automated Calculation

Net amount, eCPM and the special discount (rate discount 4) adjust automatically to match your Budget or Target CPM.

1.3 Activate/Deactivate Agency Commission

For each item, agency commission can be activated or deactivated individually (1).
When you have finished the calculations, click either Save to automatically transfer the amounts to the media campaign (2).

2. The CPC Calculator

2.1 Budget Calculation

Enter values for Click Rate and Budget n/n/n of campaign items assigned to the billing category CPC. These changes will automatically lead to an adjustment of Guaranteed AIsQuantity, and Amount net/net.
To complete the process, click Save.

3. Updates within your Media Campaign

Upon return to the media campaign, the campaign items' values have automatically been updated according to the changes made with the Net calculator.

4. Other Billing Categories

For the following billing categories

  • CPD
  • CPW
  • CPMo
  • CPY
  • fixed price
  • allin

you can calculate the Quantity by adjusting the fields Special Discount and Budget. (Entering a target CPM to get a specific eCMP of course makes no sense for those billing categories.)