Enhanced Delivery Data Use Cases

Version 2.87 and up
Supported Adservers


Version 2.107 and up
Supported Adservers


Version 2.124 and up
Supported Adservers


Use Case A

Import clicks and impression per Adunit or Placement - linked to one Campaign Item. This is used to give you the highest possible details, on where in your Inventory Impressions have been delivered. Our sitebased delivery reports in comparison, are only showing a breakdown by top level domain.

Use Case B

Import clicks and impression per Device Category - linked to one Campaign Item 

Use Case C

Import clicks and impression per Country - linked to one Campaign Item 

Use Case D

Import vast completion rate - linked to one Campaign Item

Use Case E

You need to link your Publisher Payout Conditions to individual Adserver IDs. This can only be done using Enhanced Delivery Data.

The example left can be done with "regular" delivery data, but the example on the right is only possible if you enable Enhanced Delivery Data. This is especially important for 6.8.4 Content Syndication and 6.8 Publisher Payout.


Import by Video Group and Sites in combination. Instead of just showing on which site an Impression is shown, this breakdown allows you also to view, to which Video Group the video belonged, that the user saw. This way you will get a more detailed breakdown on where your ads have been shown, no only in terms of the medium, but also which videos where shown.