How to activate, pause or update the status of a Campaign Item in an external system like an AdServer or SSP from ADvendio?

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Available with Version:



Order Manager - Fulfilment

External Systems

Google Ad Manager, Adswizz, Freewheel, Xandr


There are certain situations, where the status an item has in a connected system like an AdServer or SSP needs to be changed. This could be for example:

  • to activate an item that was pushed before to have it start delivering

  • to pause a running item, in case it needs to stop delivering for some reason

  • to reserve and block inventory or to release it, so it’s not blocked anymore by the booking

How can these changes be started from ADvendio, so it doesn’t have to be manually changed in the connected system?


In order to control the status of a Campaign Item in an external system, there is a specific Campaign Item field, the Adserver Status field:


The possible status values depend on the configuration within Salesforce, as it is free to map those to different status in an external system. More information on the configuration can be found below in the setup section.

Once a status is set in ADvendio there are two ways to update this in the external system.

1.) It will be included in the next ‘Submit to AdServer’ action you perform. However this will also submit any other changes done to the Campaign Item in ADvendio in the mean time.

2.) In case this is not desired, there is also the button ‘Update AdStatus in AdServer’

Once clicked, only the status update is sent to the integrated system. A new window and a result email will inform the user about the results of the process:



In order to use this feature, there is some configuration needed by the System Administrator.

If the field AdServer Status is not visible on Campaign Item, please check if the needed permissions are part of the user profile and that the field is part of the configured page layout.

Then a mapping needs to be defined for the field. As ADvendio uses the same status field for all integrated systems, our customers can define how they want to call the status selectable in ADvendio and what status this means in the connected systems.

More information on how to define this can be found here: