4.12.3 How to submit Ad Materials (Creatives) for approval?


2.148 and up


Creatives might need to go through one or more approval processes before they are ready for delivery.


The Ad Material Management feature is currently in a beta status. If you like to take a look into this feature feel free to do so. We are looking forward to your feedback as well as enhancement ideas. Please contact our Customer Success Management team or support@advendio.com to share feedback with us.

In order to submit your creatives for approval it is essential to follow the steps for the upload of creatives as described here: 4.12.2 How to upload Ad Materials (Creatives) to ADvendio? (BETA).

After that the first step to be done is opening the Ad Material Management component from your Media Campaign where you will see your recently uploaded files and URLs.

In the top right corner you will find the “Submit for approval” button to open the selection of creatives ready for approval.

In the modal you can simply select the records you want to submit and confirm by hitting the “Submit Selected Items“ action.

Items which are already under approval are shown with the “Waiting for approval” message in the modal and greyed out for selection.

A successful submit will be communicated by a toast message after the modal was closed. You may notice that the Approval Status values and icons changed for every ad creative. Please take note that your administrator will need to set up the approval process for the Ad Creative object in your system before you can use this. How this works is explained here: Create an Approval Process Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

After the approval was started the assigned approver(s) will take over the record and either approve or reject the creative. After the approval was completed you might receive an email on the decision of the approver. Also the Approval Status on the Creative overview page will change for each Ad Creative accordingly. In case of a rejected approval please take a look at the reason via the record link action next to the rejected Ad Creative which will open the record on a new tab to give you more detailed information. Depending on the setup of your Administrator the rejected Ad Creative can also be opened from the link in the update mail.

By adjusting the page layouts you can customize the Ad Creative record page to your needs for everyone involved in the process, e.g. like this:

After successful approval of the creative it can be taken further to the follow-up processes.


  • Set up the needed Salesforce approval flow(s)

  • Adjust the Ad creative record layout to give all involved users a good overview of the item to be approved

  • Adjust the Approval layouts on the Home page of your instance (if applicable)

  • Create mail templates for approval flows