ADvendio Requirements

Your salesforce instance needs the following requirements, without these conditions the package can not be installed successfully:

1. Multi Currency

 Enable multiple currencies in your organization:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the implications of enabling multiple currencies.

  2. In Setup, enter Company Information in the Quick Find box, then select Company Information and click Edit. Ensure that your selected currency locale is the default currency that you want to use for current and future records. Enable Activate Multiple Currencies, and then save your changes.

Note: If Customizable Forecasting is enabled on your org, contact Salesforce Customer Support for multi-currency enablement.

For more information you can run this Trialhead module.

2. My Domain

Enable My Domain in your organization if not already activated:


3. Chatter

 Turning on Chatter:

  1. From Setup, click Customize > Chatter > Settings.

  2. Under Chatter Settings, select Enable. Deselect to disable Chatter.

  3. Click Save.

Note: If you need help find more information here.

4. Record Types

Record Types are available in these editions:

  1. Enterprise Editions,

  2. Performance Editions,

  3. Unlimited Editions,

  4. Developer Editions

Note: If you need help find more information here.

5. Translation Workbench

Turning on Translation Workbench

  1. From Setup, enter Translation Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Translation Settings.

  2. On the welcome page, click Enable.

  3. As a minimum activate "English" or all languages you want to use.

Note: If you need help find more information here.

 6. Platform Events

Please take note that Platform Events will need to be available in your Salesforce Edition in order to install ADvendio. 

Otherwise you will get a warning before installation.

Platform Events are available in PerformanceUnlimitedEnterprise, and Developer Editions.

Platform Events are not available in Professional, Essential and Group Editions.

7. Allow deployment of packages that contain asset files

Go to Setup > Salesforce Files > General Settings, and enable “Skip triggers execution and validation rules on asset files”.