Import Geo- and Technical Targeting Data

With Geo Targeting you are able to narrow down the geographic propagation of your media campaign items. When working with an ad server integration, the underlying data can easily be transferred from your ad server to your ADvendio.com system. All you have to do is click one link. As soon as the transfer is done, geo data is available in your product configuration, ensuring an unambiguous transfer of Geo Targeting data from ADvendio.com to your ad server.

1. Transfer Geo- and Technical Targeting Data from Ad Server

Version 2.82 and up
Supported AdserversDFP, Appnexus, Freewheel, Smart, Adswizz

Starting with version 2.82 you can also open the action: Transfer From AdServer in your lightening design of the ad server ID record. 

This will open a new page where you then select: Geo- / Technical Targeting Data.

Next a status screen will appear to show you the import progress:

Language DFP

Please take note that the option to import Geo Targeting values in other languages is not possible as DFP does not support this at the moment. When you would like to use the values in other languages please translate them in your org.

2. Classic transfer Geo- and Technical Targeting Data

Version < 2.82
Supported AdserversDFP, Appnexus, Freewheel, Smart, Adswizz, AOL One

Go to the Ad Server Login tab. Open an Ad Server Login record and click the custom link Transfer Geo Data from the Ad Server. The geo data will be imported into your system where you can select them during the Product Configuration of your media campaigns. If you don't see the link have your administrator modify the layout for Adserver logins and add this custom link. 

3. Annotations for specific AdServers


Using the interface it is possible to import your geo data from AOL ONE with the exception that you can not book regions and cities. 


REST API: The import works fine.

SOAP API (only) The import does not work. You will have to use the data loader and manually import your geo-targeting data. You can use this file we received from Smart 2016-12-16_SMART_CITIES_DACHv3.xls.

3.2. FreeWheel

Manual Import only.