Transfer Video to VAST

ADvendio allows you to also transfer video to the ad server.

To do that, you have to configure your Ad Types correctly and pick the Environment Type accordingly:


Environment Type:

Google Ad Manager

Environment Type:

Google Ad Manager



Video player


If you leave the field empty ADvendio will not submit any value to Google Ad Manager. 

You might know that the SlotSize in Google Ad Manager is specified with an additional "v". i.e. "640x480v". In ADvendio, the additional "v” is required when defining slot sizes in all reporting fields associated to video media. For any other process (such as Submit or Forecast), “v” is not required in the slot sizes defined in ADvendio.

For example, if you wish to submit one video-related slot size, submit it as “640x480” from ADvendio. If you wish to receive back reporting data on the performance of a certain video-related slot size, use “800x600v” slot size format in the reporting field from the Ad Type.

ADvendio will push an empty value for Request Platform Targeting for video line items, which means that all request platforms will be targeted.