Forecast Mode (Google Ad Manager)

For Google Ad Manager you can utilize the field "Availability Forecast Mode". Be aware that we use the following ad slots depending on what data you have entered:

  • If your Ad Types uses the field forecast slots these get submitted. 
  • If no forecast slots are entered we submit the slots which are populated into the fields Master or Companion

You can then pick the availability forecast mode. There are two options: 
  1. The first option is to use all ad slot sizes in one forecast and use the availability the ad server returns. 
  2. The second option ist to do an availability forecast for each ad slot size and use the minimum, the maximum or the sum of the availability numbers of all ad slot sizes.

The field allows the following values:

Forecast Mode
Request to Google Ad Manager
Available Units
1.Ad Server Standardone forecast including all slotsGoogle Ad Manager Result
2a.Minimumone forecast per slotMin of all slots
2b.MaximumMax of all slots
2c.SumTotal of all slots