ADvendio Knowledge Base4.19 Media Buying & Managed Services in ADvendio

4.19 Media Buying & Managed Services in ADvendio

How does does ADvendio support programmatic media buying?

As the media landscape quickly transforms, we decided to open up our media planning capabilities and also support the buying process. This will include media planning as well as trafficking, but also end to end invoicing of your media spend, to cover all the needs of publishers, agencies and brands alike. Hence we’re now starting the pilot phase for our new media buying features.

Supported features and systems

Roadmap - What’s to come?

As our developments here are in a pretty early stage, we’re trying to give an outlook on what’s to come.





Q3 2021

ADvendio Buying Pilot (package extension)


Streamlined creation of Buying Positions

Q4 2021

Further Additions to the Pilot features (more information coming soon)

End 2021 / Beginning 2022

Social Media Integrations (e.g. Facebook)