[Integration Overview] of TikTok in ADvendio

Available with Version

2.169 and up

Available with Version

2.169 and up

External System



TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/

TikTok Business Center https://business.tiktok.com/

ADvendio version 2.169 offers a new integration with TikTok, referred to as a "Light Integration" and aims to enhance the planning of media buying campaigns within the ADvendio platform.

Its primary focus is to improve the planning and execution of advertising campaigns for TikTok. With the TikTok integration in ADvendio, our customers can conveniently plan, and execute campaigns.

Who will benefit from this integration?

ADvendio's TikTok Light Integration is tailored to benefit Media Buying professionals. It offers ease in connecting to TikTok, configuring Campaigns, setting up Adgroups, and accessing data reports conveniently. The Light Web Component ensures seamless retrieval and validation of TikTok tokens for authentication, streamlining the whole process for users engaged in Media Buying campaign planning.

What is required to use the integration?

As an AdServer integration, TikTok is covered by your ADvendio ONE license.

How to set up and use the Integration?

Check out the linked pages to learn about setting up and using the TikTok integration.