How to set your Campaign Items to only run on certain days or at certain times? (Day & Time Targeting)


2.127 and up

Connected Systems

Google Ad Manager, Xandr, Freewheel, Adswizz


Sales Rep - Sales; Order Manager - Fulfilment


You want to configure your Display, Audio or Video Campaign Items to only run on certain days a week, because the best days to reach your target audience or the weekend? Or maybe to only run for a certain time frame? Let's say from 08:00pm until 05:00am because legal restrictions or adult related content.


For this many AdServers, DSPs and SSPs support day and time targeting, which you can simply set up from our Media Configuration.

When you are on the Time Targeting Tab of your Media Configuration please click Edit in the targeting column of the Campaign Item you would like change. Select just with a double click per cell the time and hour you would like to target. Click a cell twice to deselect it. You can also click and drag your mouse to select multiple time slots. 

If you are unsure, simply hover your mouse over a block for a few seconds, to see exactly the time slot covered:

Once you are done click save, to save your changes to the Campaign Item. Select the 'Clear all days' button to reset your selected targeting or directly select 'Clear' in the Media Config to clear any selected Day & Time Targeting Criteria. 

At the bottom you also see another button to switch between the selection of full hours and quarterly hours. If you click 'Show Quarter Hours' you are now able to select time slots on a quarter hour base.

The selection of quarter hour time slots is currently only available for our Google Ad Manager Integration.

How to target a specific time zone?

Edit the value in the field: Day & Time Targeting - Time Zone which is located in each line item. 

These are the possible options for each of our connected systems:

  • GAM: Publishers time zone; Users time zone

  • Xandr: Users time zone; (specific time zone - see below)

  • Freewheel: Relative to viewers time zone; (specific time zone - see below)

  • Adswizz: Publishers/station time; Listeners time; Agency time

If you would like to choose a specific time zone for FreeWheel or Xandr, you will have to select the exact timezone in the second field: Time Zone.

If nothing is selected here are the default selections:

  • GAM: Users time zone

  • Appnexus: User time zone

  • Freewheel: Relative to viewers time zone

  • Adswizz: Listeners time

How is day and time targeting shown on the pdf?

You will see your selected Targeting on the PDF below your Campaign Items like you may know from other Targetings. 

You can hide the Targeting on the PDF by activating the Checkbox 'Hide Time Targeting On Quote' in the Campaign Item.


To make this feature available for your users, make sure the following fields are added to the profiles and permission sets in use:

Campaign Item:

  • Day & Time Targeting

  • Day & Time Targeting - Time Zone

For picklist fields you might need to make sure the picklist values are available for all relevant Campaign Item Record Types and profiles.

If not already part of your Media Configuration, you will need to enhance your tab setup to show the field 'Day & Time Targeting'