ADvendio Version 2.119 - Winter 2020

We are constantly extending ADvendio for you. To make sure you don’t miss any of the latest improvements and know what you have to do in order to make these features available for your whole team, we’ve created this page. Check the release notes regularly if you like to implement new features and to keep your system up to date.

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Release Notes - Version 2.119 - Sprint 2019-11

To install ADvendio Version 2.119 Winter 2020 please use

Before updating ADvendio from a lower to the newest version you first need to install version 2.104. See links below!

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Attention: We're constantly improving ADvendio, but this also means certain features will be removed or replaced. Please check our Deprecation Schedule periodically to see if this affects you.

VersionTypeComponentsDescriptionADvendio Ticket No.WikiHighlightRequested by customer
2.118.2, 2.119Changes & OptimizationsAccounting InterfacesFixed issue where the created until field in the Accounting Helper was not reset for non-RON items.AD-5529




Changes & OptimizationsAdServer Gateway

Improved Error handling and usage of Item Ids in the Check Availability API and Check Availability in Media Configuration, as well as fixed problems for Freewheel, where valid forecasts resulted in error messages.

AD-5508,  AD-5512

2.119Changes & OptimizationsAdServer GatewayFixed problems with targeting information at the Campaign Item not being updated properly when using Check Availability in Media Configuration.AD-5533

2.119ImprovementAdServer GatewayInternal technical improvements for the AdServer Gateway and OAuth features.AD-5244

2.119ImprovementAdServer Gateway / AdManager (DFP), AdServer Gateway Appnexus

We improved the product configuration capabilities for Appnexus and Google Ad Manager.

You can overwrite the goal type at the Campaign Item, giving you the possibilities to create items with a faster or slower delivery settings than your default product configuration.

2.119Changes & OptimizationsAdServer Gateway / AppNexus, AdServer Gateway / FreeWheelFixed Issues with warning messages being shown for valid Key Value and Audience Segment Targeting for Appnexus and FreewheelAD-5566

2.119Changes & OptimizationsAdServer Gateway / AppNexusWe fixed that updating the runtime of Seamless Insertion Orders and Augmented Line Items sometimes resulted in an error message, although the item has not been started yet. AD-5490x

2.119ImprovementAdServer Gateway / Freewheel

We now allow to set custom event targets for Freewheel. You can for example use this to set completed views as goal for your item, depending on your configuration in Freewheel.

See xxx for more information about how to configure this in ADvendio.

2.119ImprovementAdServer Gateway / Freewheel

Breaking Change:

We're going to change the way ADvendio handles the logical connection between Inventory (Site Groups, Sites, Site Sections) and Video (Video Groups, Series, Videos).

Please take a look at our wiki to see if you are affected and what the changes will mean: Inventory and Video for Freewheel (Content Targeting) - BREAKING CHANGE WITH 2.119

2119Changes & OptimizationsAdServer Gateway / FreewheelFixed that internal comments were not submitted to Freewheel properly.AD-5486x
2.119, 2.11.?Changes & Optimizations

AdServer Gateway / Appnexus

AdServer Gateway / Freewheel

Fixed problems, where a warning message appeared when Key Value Targeting was used, although the data was valid.AD-5560

2.119Changes & OptimizationsAdServer Gateway, Media ConfigurationFixed problems, where postal code targeting was causing errors during the availability check in Media Configuration.AD-5458

2.117.3, 2.118.1, 2.119Changes & OptimizationsBooking CalendarFixed issue where creating a Media Campaign from the Booking Calendar was not working correctly and issue where the Content Filtering setting reset when using special characters.AD-5421

2.119ImprovementBooking CalendarNo more selecting the wrong placement or wondering which placement is correct of the many similarly named records! Creating Media Campaigns through the Booking Calendar has become much easier now that the placements available for selection match those of the selected site.AD-4980

2.119Changes & OptimizationsCampaign ItemImproved performance of CampaignItemTrigger to reduce number of queries where customer had many custom triggers in placeAD-5552

2.119ImprovementCampaign Item Related List, Third Party Commission Wizard, Media Search, Publisher Payout

Check our the newly implemented Salesforce Standard Datatable*!

Through use of the Salesforce Standard Datatable in our Campaign Item Related List, Third Party Commission Wizard, Publisher Payout, Media Search and AdServer Exclusion Manager, you can benefit from a host of new features/functionalities. Sorting through and administering your Publisher Payouts and Third Party Commission is now much easier due to features, such as, the ability to resize columns, sort ordering on columns and dynamic loading/autoloading.

* Existing feature settings and configurations should not be affected by this change.

2.118.2, 2.119Changes & OptimizationsCommercial OptimizerFixed issue where Order Amendment sets manual Delivery Data fields to zero where no data was previously entered.AD-5525

2.119Changes & OptimizationsDynamic PricingFixed issue where billing category field was editable after pressing Applying Price Rules in the Media Configuration.AD-5526

2.119ImprovementDynamic PricingDynamic Pricing is a valuable tool for any business. They ensure that your inventory is sold for the correct price by adding the necessary surcharge or discounts based on established criteria. Here at ADvendio we recognize that not all business are alike and therefore you need custom matching criteria to meet your needs.

With our latest version, you can now set up custom matching criteria for your price rules. You can use any number of custom fields or fields from the ADvendio Package, in addition to the predefined conditions already configured for Dynamic Pricing.
2.119ImprovementDynamic PricingConfiguring different prices and conditions for your items when sold as part of a package or an individual just got a lot easier with the latest enhancement to the Dynamic Pricing feature within ADvendio.

In addition to being able to configure custom matching criteria, you can now also configure rules which match only for Packages. And, when such rules are applicable, you prevent the matching of non-package related Price Rules, further ensuring the accurate pricing of your inventory.
2.119Changes & OptimizationsExclusivity check, ProductSearch+

Important enhancements and fixes in the Exclusivity Check logic in preparation of our ProductSearch+, which will enable you to search based on campaign goals and target audiences instead of technical product criteria! 

If you would like to know more or are interested in being an early adopter of this feature, please contact your technical account manager or 

2.119ImprovementFinanceIn order to ensure that accurate processing of your credit notes, cancellations and invoices in general, it is now no longer possible to delete cancellation Pre-invoices/Invoice Items as well as invoiced Invoice Items.AD-4929x
2.117.3, 2.118.1, 2.119Changes & OptimizationsFinance / Invoicing / PreinvoicingFixed issue where extending runtime of linear item after pre-invoice creation ran into an error.AD-5511

2.119Changes & OptimizationsFinance / Invoicing / PreinvoicingFixed issue where linear distribution for weekly invoicing was not being calculated correctly.AD-5562

2.119Changes & OptimizationsFinancing / Invoicing / InvoicingImproved performance by removing SOQL query in the InvoiceItemTrigger that was not in use.AD-5551

2.119Changes & OptimizationsFinancing / Invoicing / preinvoicingFixed issue where pre-invoice creation could change the last invoice regardless of invoice status.AD-5543

2.119Changes & OptimizationsFinancing / Invoicing / Revenue SchedulesFixed issue where extending runtime of a Campaign Item removes capping from existing Revenue Schedules where Manual Delivery Data was entered. Issue would not have result in any invoicing mistakes, merely a data consistency issue.AD-5502

2.118.3, 2.119Changes & OptimizationsGeneric CloneFixed issue where Generic Clone crashes due to too many SOQL queries where MC has more than 100 records.AD-5524

2.119Changes & OptimizationsInvoice Preference, Quote PreferenceFixed issue where record type selection on create wasn't respected in showing the correct layout.AD-5211

2119ImprovementMedia CampaignThrough introduction of a new field, customers can now configure custom probability to override standard probability.AD-5534x
2119Changes & OptimizationsMedia ConfigurationWe updated our net calculation within the Media Configuration. Enjoy more flexibility, as you can now also set are target pricing for CPC items. The system will then automatically calculate exactly the right discounts or surcharges you need to provide, to reach your desired rates.AD-5462

2119ImprovementMedia Configuration, PostInstallUpdate to default tabs for new customers to current AdServer TargetingAD-5439

2119Changes & OptimizationsMedia Configuration, Submit/Forecast UI (Gateway)Fixed, that Check Availability in Media Configuration was not displayed properly in some situations.AD-5474

2119ImprovementMedia Configuration, Submit/Forecast UI (Gateway)Improved the error handling in our AdServer Gateway, so that you will see clearer messages if there are problems in the communication.AD-5415

2119ImprovementPDFImprovement to PDFs where Conditions of Payment field is hidden where box is empty. Cleaning up your PDF.AD-5349

2.119ImprovementPDF, Invoice Preference, Quote PreferenceYou can now opt to display the Campaign Period and Item Period on your Portrait PDFs. Giving your customer more information and making your Portrait PDFs more transparent. This is for both Quote and Invoice PDFs. AD-5501x

2.119?New FeatureProgrammaticProgrammatic Data - Media Campaign creation based on data stored in SF Big ObjectAD-3029

2.119ImprovementPublisher PayoutNow you can change the name of the Publisher Payout Condition even when there is a Publisher Payout Invoice Item Assignment.AD-5539

2.119Changes & OptimizationsSettingsAdded Package Manager to Permission SetAD-5559

2.119Changes & OptimizationsTargeting SetsWe improved the performance and handling of our Targeting Sets Wizard, so you can create your targeting sets with more ease.



2.119New FeatureTargeting Sets

Save time and effort by managing your AdServer related targeting with our new Targeting Set!

We further enhanced our feature, so that now, with a few simple clicks, you can select Targeting Sets for your Campaign Items and submit them to your AdServer!

Instead of clicking through large list and trying to find the right combination of Audience Targeting, your Sales Reps can select one of the premade configurations you created for them. Less room for errors and more time to spent on optimizing your revenue!

2.119TaskAdServer Gateway

Did you know that you can change the status of your running line items in the AdServer from ADvendio? And did you know that you can even configure this, to run with different AdServers, using the same status?

Find out, how you can manage these things from ADvendio, as we updated our documentation on this features and provide some real life examples to use.

2.119TaskAdServer Gateway / AppNexusEver wondered about how we configure targeting for our AdServers. We updated the description of how ADvendio sets profiles in Appnexus, so that you know exactly what is done during submit to AdServer,AD-4990x

To install ADvendio Summer 2019 - 2.119.1 please use

Please ensure that you are not logged into a salesforce org where you don't wish to install ADvendio! We recommend that you either use an incognito window of your browser or use a different browser altogether to install new versions.





ADvendio Ticket No.


2.118.5, 2.119.1Changes & OptimizationMedia Configuration

Feature setting to disable the Ad Price validation for until date 


2.118.5, 2.119.1Changes & Optimization

Content, Media Configuration, Selection Tree

Fixed issue where Contents with Parent Content Assigned were not visible in Selection TreeAD-5569

2.118.2, 2.119.1Changes & Optimization Creative Targeting, Media ConfigurationFixed issue where Creative Targeting wasn't working in Media Configuration


2.119.1Changes & Optimization AdServer Gateway / FreewheelFixed issue where pricing information wasn't submitted during forecast, leading to differentiating numbers between UI and ADvendio AD-5516

To install ADvendio Summer 2019 - 2.119.2 please use

Please ensure that you are not logged into a salesforce org where you don't wish to install ADvendio! We recommend that you either use an incognito window of your browser or use a different browser altogether to install new versions.





ADvendio Ticket No.


2.119.2Changes & OptimizationAdServer Gateway / Freewheel

Additional improvements of our forecasting, to prevent errors due to differences in the order Freewheel processes request.