5.3.8 Why do my AdServer/SSP/DSP Related Invoices remain 0? Why are no Delivery Data coming in?

Occasionally, no Delivery Data will show up in ADvendio due to a number of different reasons, and will be reflected in different ways.

For example, you might have created a PreInvoice or started a Billing Run for your digital items, and the Delivery Data info is still empty.

In order to find out why this is happening, we have to take a look at what is showing up in ADvendio; but first, we need to understand a few things such as what are Revenue Schedules and Invoice amounts.

Revenue Schedules are created when you add a campaign item to your media campaign, and when updated it shows the accumulated total delivery for the month it's running.

On the Campaign Item Level, there are a few fields that reflect Delivery Data. For example, Delivery Clicks for CPC and Delivered Impressions for CPM.

If these fields are not shown correctly (or at all), such as in the image below, you can analyze the steps described later to see if they can fix them.

If you are invoicing based on actuals and not linear distribution, what will be used as Quantity and Amount in Invoices is calculated based on what has been delivered in the Revenue Schedules. If you are invoicing based on linear distribution, what will be used as Quantity and Amount in Invoices is calculated based on the distributed values.

The delivered clicks and delivered impressions fields on the Campaign Item, are just there to provide you a better overview about the items performance. So make sure the data in the Revenue Schedules is filled as well.

Before we can diagnose a case as a bug, we need to make sure that everything is set up correctly within ADvendio by making sure all the following steps were followed when setting up:

Invoices Remain as 0

1. Check that you set Delivery Report Settings correctly

This means, make sure that you have scheduled delivery data to import it for ALL active AdServer Logins on the Delivery Report Settings page from the App Launcher.

2. Try to reschedule these settings and check if it works now.

3. Check your emails and who they're directed to, together with analyzing what's inside them to see if you find a clue of an error or why this isn't working. Did the e-mails you receive contain any error messages? (See also the email settings for more information)

4. Check if the login credentials on your connection records are correct. For Google AdManager and Display & Video 360 try to generate a new OAuth Token.

5. Try getting Delivery data manually through the Get Delivered Clicks button (section 2 on the linked wiki article). If this fixes your delivery data then the most likely case is that step 1 of this list was not set up correctly.

6. Check if the AdType information is correct (choose below). Especially check if any master or reporting slot sizes are set and if they match those of your Items in the AdServer.

Google AdManager



7. Make sure the AdId is the correct one. Also have a look if there are Campaign Items with filler IDs in your system (e.g. "test1234") as those could also cause problems with the delivery reports from the AdServer.

More on Delivery Data

If everything is set up correctly as described previously, the following things will be needed by ADvendio from the customer when a support case is created:

  • Grant Login Access and provide org ID
  • Details on the error. Is only one Item affected or is it multiple or all
  • Link to example item that's not working
  • If applicable, a step by step description on how to replicate the issue
  • Any other information that may hint to where the issue might come from