Non-Media Products

Version 2.90 and up

Many times you need to charge your customers services or fees which are not really media products and therefore should not be applicable to discounts and agency commission, etc. Typical examples are 

  • Postal charges
  • Production Cost
  • Technical Cost (i.e.. related to the print process)
  • and many other.

Ad Spec

More on 3.1.1 Ad Specs!

If you like to take an items out of the usual Amount Calculation and Discounts you can now mark this item by checking the non-media checkbox in your adspec.  

Helpful Advice

1. Discounts

Make sure to also check the the following fields

  • No Quantity Discount
  • No Customer Discount
  • No Agency Discount
  • No Agency Earnings/Commission
  • No Third Party Commission 

to allow the overall calculation on the PDF show the correct numbers.

2. Packages

When using Non-Media AdSpecs in a package - as a package component, it's components have to be shown on the PDF! Don't hide the items: 4.2.10 PDF Settings.

3. Flexible Payment Plan

If you like to sell Non-Media AdSpecs and apply a payment plan make sure that you add a fake publication date to it, as this controls the automatically creation of the related invoice(s) and invoice items. 


The PDF layout will allow now to separately display the media-cost. Read more here: 7.5 PDF Layout Configuration