4.4.10 Why do I see this process is already running' and what does this mean for my usage of external systems from ADvendio (Check Availability, Submit, Transfer)

Affected Versions

2.128 and higher

License Plan / Edition

ADvendio Connect


Sales Rep - Sales,

Product Manager - Product Manager / Sales Support / Marketing,

Order Manager - Fulfillment


During processes like submit, check availability, get delivered clicks & impressions or transfer data, you can occasionally see a message, that the process is already running and you should wait until it’s finished.



In order to ensure a consistent performance for all our customers, we are taken certain precautions to prevent the same processes from the same customer instance at the same time.

The above message shows you, that the process you tried to start from ADvendio is already active within our Gateway and not yet finished. This can happen if:

  • You try the same import of targeting / inventory data for the same connection login from your Org twice

  • if you try to check availability / submit the same campaign item twice, before the running process is finished

Our recommendation in this case:

Retry what you were trying to do about 10 minutes later, or make sure that any running similar processes are finished. Attention: some transfer processes (especially of import of video inventory or audience targeting) can take up to multiple hours!

If the problem persists contact your system administrator to open a support case at ADvendio or directly get into contact via support@advendio.com


How to Setup:

There is no specific setup needed.