How ADvendio matches your Salesforce Accounts with Advertisers, Agencies or Buyers in an external System?

Version Version 2.107 and up
Supported Adservers

AdManager, AdsWizz, Xandr, FreeWheel, SMART, Google Display&Video 360


When working with external systems like AdServers, SSPs or DSPs, and especially when creating orders and line items, there needs to be an advertiser and in some cases also an agency or a buyer set. For this each system has their own set of advertiser data, with names, IDs and maybe some additional information. Once Media Campaigns are created in ADvendio, they are assigned to the Account data from ADvendio. Now if they will be submitted to the external system, ideally there should be a mapping, deciding which accounts from ADvendio are equal to which advertisers, agencies or buyers in the external system.

How does ADvendio match those and how is this information stored in ADvendio? Which steps does a user need to take to create or modify this mapping and how can he make sure the information are consistent across multiple systems?


ADvendio tracks how the Accounts in Salesforce are connected through what we call External Account IDs. When browsing the record details of an Account you can find a related list for the External Account IDs:

There you can see, which system is involved, how the ID in that system is and if a direct integration from ADvendio is used, which connection is involved. These ID records can also be used when tracking IDs for systems not directly integrated via ADvendio connect, such as you finance systems or ERP systems.

How External Account IDs are created when Submitting Media Campaigns?

When using the submit feature of ADvendio to directly push your Media Campaigns and Campaign Items to a connected system like an AdServer, SSP or DSP, ADvendio tries to match the data automatically. That means our Gateway looks at the Account name given in Salesforce and will search in the connected system for an advertiser with the same name as your Salesforce Account. If we can find a match, ADvendio will automatically connect those two and create the needed External Account ID records. There are no further steps needed!

What if ADvendio can't find a matching advertiser?

Should it be the case, that ADvendio can't find a matching advertiser, agency or buyer with the same name, we will proceed to automatically create a new one in the connected System. This allows you to flexibly create new Advertisers on the spot, once you create Media Campaigns in ADvendio without having to manually keep track of the data in the connected system.  Again everything is happening fully automatically, without having to do any additional steps.

If there is a different spelling used for the Salesforce Account than in the external system, ADvendio will create a new advertiser in the external system, which might lead to duplicate data. If uncertain, we recommend to watch the account matching during testing phase of your implementation or to manually prepare a mapping as described here:

How to use External Account IDs for other integrations?

When using custom created interfaces to external systems, the External Account IDs can still be used as a single point of truth to store all relevant IDs for a Salesforce Account. To align between several systems you need to store the unique identifies for each account and each system. In this case you might need to create those ID information yourself which can be done manually or via a created table which is later uploaded to Salesforce.

To create a new record navigate to the App Launcher and type External Account ID. Click on New to create a new record. 

Fill out the following fields:

And hit save.

How are advertiser IDs mapped when importing Programmatic Revenue Data?

While External Account IDs are the place to map Salesforce Accounts to external systems for nearly all processes, there is a slight difference for our Programmatic Revenue Import features. There will be a separate entity for mapping the data. To know more look at the following wiki section: How to connect and match the data from SSPs / DSPs / Exchanges to your Salesforce Data


Create AdServer External Account Id

Version 2.107 and up 

Instead of using the AdServer Advertiser ID ADvendio standardizes the external Account Ids and utilizes the same object in all processes. Before doing this make sure to Import Accounts from your Adserver. 

Create a new record (see above) and fill out the following fields:


There is no specific setup needed to enable this feature.

If you can't find the External Account ID list, while looking at Account details please make sure that the user profile has the needed permissions to the External Account ID object and the related list is part of your Account page layout.

There is currently no way to turn of or configure the matching of advertisers while submitting Campaign Items or Buying Items, if no match can be found by ADvendio, we will always try to create a new advertiser in the connected systems.