4.12.2 How to upload Ad Materials (Creatives) to ADvendio? (BETA)


2.146 and up


Uploading creative files for campaign items to prepare them for delivery.


The Ad Material Management feature is currently in a beta status. If you like to take a look into this feature feel free to do so. We are looking forward to your feedback as well as enhancement ideas. Please contact our Customer Success Management team or support@advendio.com to share feedback with us.

Ad Material Management component

  1. The first step to start working with Ad Material Management is setting up the Ad Creative Templates. If they were not created yet please ask your administrator to do so.

    1. Setup of templates: Depending on the type of creatives you would like to support please follow the steps linked here to create the templates:

  2. After you created your Media Campaign and added the Campaign Items to it you can open the component to manage your Ad Material for this campaign. To do this please open the action on Media Campaign level called “Ad Material Management”.
    If the action can not be opened from your Media Campaign, please ask your Administrator to add it to the layout.
    Please keep in mind to set an Advertiser for your Media Campaign before opening the component. Otherwise you will see an information ”Invalid setup: Your Media Campaign is missing an Advertiser.”.

  3. A page will open which has an overview of all Campaign Items belonging to this Media Campaign and all Creatives belonging to these Campaign Items. When you open the component the first time for this campaign you will probably not see any creatives yet, but the hint that your Campaign Item is “Missing Creatives”.

  4. The overview page consists of the header with Media Campaign information, a list of Campaign Items and below each Campaign Item we have a list of Creatives summing up their information.
    By hitting the “Show additional information” link you will be able to see more detailed information about your creative.

Add creatives

In order to add new creatives, hit the dropdown menu button next to the relevant Campaign Item. From the offered actions please select “Upload a Creative“.

Please keep in mind to define templates and assign them to your Ad Types in order to allow adding them. Otherwise you will see an information ”Invalid setup: There is no template that matches this campaign item Ad Type.”.

After that a modal will open supporting you during the creation in a few steps:

  1. Select the template you would like to use to create the creative.

  2. After selecting the template all the relevant information to be set will be shown to you. Required fields will be marked with a red asterisk and will avoid you to save the creative if they were not set.

  3. Save & Go Back.

Creatives with externally stored files

The modal will show which types of attachments will be used for your creative.

Additionally to directly uploading files, there are also cases where you can attach a URL to a publicly available file on an external storage. In this case you will see a specific field to paste the URL into. Once that is done, similar to the direct file upload, ADvendio will show a preview of the attached image.


Select existing creatives

Sometimes you might want to reuse creatives that you created before also in other Campaign items. In order to select existing creatives, hit the dropdown menu button next to the relevant Campaign Item. From the offered actions please select “Select an existing creative“.

After that a modal will open supporting you during the selection in a few steps:

  1. Select or search for the Creative you would like to reuse for this Campaign Item.

  2. Save & Go Back.

Creatives with multiple images (attachments)

If you are working with Natives or Custom Creative Template formats it might be needed that you upload multiple images/URLs.

Please find the setup steps for native Xandr creatives right here: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2895216651/

With version 2.149 and up we enhanced our UI to support this.

You start the upload of multiple attachments from the overview UI by hitting the action “Upload a creative”.

After you selected one of the templates which was prepared beforehand for multiple files, you will see multiple input fields for attachments on the left hand side.

Once attachments are uploaded, at the bottom of attachments input fields, you will see the badge with information about the file (file name, size and a delete icon button) and where they are used.

What you should consider is that in the creative modal you can delete an attachment (with a delete icon) only if the file has not been saved yet. In Edit Creative modal you can see a badge with information about the file, but you can't delete it.

Please take note that you will need to upload the files field by field to ensure the right relation between the file and the destination can be saved.

Please note that the file size of all files to be uploaded per Ad Creative is restricted to 1.5MB. This means that you could not upload two files where one has 1.4MB and the other one has 1MB.

The right hand side of the upload UI offers you to click through the different files with the arrows shown below the previews (this is also available based on URLs for attachments). At the top of the preview you will see the field name to which the uploaded file is related.

In the overview you can use the same preview to go through the uploaded files.

Submit for approval

Please check 4.12.3 How to submit Ad Materials (Creatives) for approval?.

Submit to external system

Please check https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2894331905 .