Adserver Advertiser ID Converter

Version Version 2.107 and up
Supported AdserversDFP

Instead of using the AdServer Advertiser ID ADvendio standardizes the external Account Ids and utilizes the same object How ADvendio matches your Salesforce Accounts with Advertisers, Agencies or Buyers in an external System? in all processes. We highly recommend that you move from the old Adserver Advertiser IDs to External Account IDs use the Adserver Advertiser ID Converter. 


Before doing this make sure to Import Accounts from your adserver(s). 

How to:

Navigate to the App Launcher and search for Adserver Advertiser ID Converter. The following window will open.

  • Hit "Start Process" to migrate from Adserver Advertiser ID to External Account IDs.

After successfully converting the IDs your "old" Adserver Advertiser IDs will be deleted.


The mapping of the values from Adserver Advertiser ID, Adserver ID (of Type Account) and External Account ID are shown below.

External Account ID (Field Name)Adserver Advertiser ID (Field Name)Adserver ID (Field Name)

Name (Lookup)