Which specific Campaign Item fields and settings are available for our Xandr integration?






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When working with Xandr related products, certain standard Campaign Item / Media Campaign fields are always used together with product configurations in ADvendio on Ad Type and Ad Spec level, but what about specific settings that are only needed for Xandr?

Which additional settings can be done on a Campaign Item and transferred to Xandr via our integration?


The following additional fields and settings are available for Xandr:

Allow RTB Competition (Guaranteed Line Items only)

You can use the checkbox RTB competition to toggle whether to allow your Guaranteed Items in Xandr to compete with RTB items or not. This setting is directly transferred to Xandr.


Creative Management (Standard Line Item only)

For Standard Line Items in Xandr, there is a way to decide if creatives shall be assigned to a line item or to individual campaigns. This can be done in ADvendio via the Creative Management picklist:


Additional Frequency Capping Settings

In addition to our Frequency Capping feature, Xandr supports additional settings that have corresponding checkbox fields at the level of the Campaign Item:

  • Serve only 1 imp per page: If set, the number of creatives from a single advertiser to be shown on the current page load will be limited to 1.

  • Include users without cookies: If set, your ad will also be shown to Users without Cookies. But, for those users the Frequency Capping settings will be ignored. This setting is only applicable if you have further Frequency Capping criteria set, else it will be ignored by Xandr.


Xandr Campaign Settings (2.144.1 and up; Non-Seamless Standard Line Items)

For Non-Seamless Line Items, it is possible to optionally push the Campaigns of Standard Line Items to Xandr as unlimited. The following field can be used for that:

  • Xandr Campaign Settings - the following three values can be set:

    • None: If set, the flight end date of the campaign will correspond to the flight end date of the Campaign Item.

    • Unlimited Runtime: If set, the flight end will be set to unlimited / “run indefinitely”.

    • Use Campaign Item Runtime: If set, the flight end date of the campaign will correspond to the flight end date of the Campaign Item.



The mentioned fields are all located in the Campaign Item object. If users are not able to see specific fields, the administrator may need to: