Video Position Targeting

Version 2.110 and up
Supported AdserversDFP 

If your administrator has to setup Video Position Targeting you'll be able to select Video Positions for your Campaign Items in the Media Configuration:

  • Navigate to the Video Positions field and click "Edit"

  • Select the Video Positions you want to target with your Campaign Item

  • Hit "Save"

Your selected Video Positions will be transferred to the Ad server when submitting your order to Google Ad Manager.

View preconfigured Targeting Criteria from the product (Ad Spec)

Version 2.115 and up
Supported AdserversAppnexus, Google Ad Manager, FreeWheel, Adswizz, Smart

In some cases (especially for Inventory Targeting) your want to preconfigure targeting criteria on your product (Ad Spec) which will automatically be used, no matter what is set on your Campaign Item. With Version 2.115 we enhanced our Media Configuration overview, to already see what has been predefined for your Campaign Item, with a new AdSpec Button.

For more information View preconfigured Targeting Criteria from the product