4.4.13 How to see which items might block you sponsorship and exclusive Campaign Item in Google AdManager?


While booking creating a Campaign Item for an exclusive booking into Google AdManager, like a sponsorship targeting all available impressions, the booking team needs to make sure that no other bookings could be blocking the delivery by targeting the same inventory with the same or a higher priority.

The availability check only shows the total number of available Impressions, is there a way to see the the contending booked items and their names, in order to adjust planning if needed?


Additional to the regular check availability, we offer the contending line item report from Google AdManager.

It can be accessed by opening the Campaign Item Record and clicking the button ‘Contending Ads’

Depending on the configuration in your Salesforce Org, the button might be in the dropdown, accessible via the arrow symbol on the right.

If you can’t find the contending ads button, please contact your System Administrator and ask him to add it to the page layout.

After clicking the button, a new screen will open:

Here the following information can be seen:

  1. If error happen or there are warning messages during the request to Google AdManager, you will see separate sections with the messages at the beginning of the page.

  2. Then there is a section which shows the same results as via a regular availability check, like the available and already booked Impressions.

  3. Below that there will be an own section for each Line Item in Google AdManager which is contending to your current Campaign Item. You see a general section with the item name, the order, the dates and especially the priority of the contending item. This way you can easily find the orders which might block your Campaign Item

  4. Within each item section, there is also a field showing the number of contending Impressions, this way you can judge how much of the inventory if blocked by this item.


In order to make the feature accessible to the users, you might need to modify the page layout of your Campaign Items, and add the ‘Contending Ads’ button. See also https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/101843091 for more information.

To access ADvendio connect features in general, the users will need read access to certain fields, objects and classes. Find out more about the required permissions: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1632043009